Ms50 Hydraulic Wheel Drive Motor for Rock Saw

Ms50 Hydraulic Wheel Drive Motor for Rock Saw

Product Features: 

Ms50 CZPT Wheel Drive Motor for Rock Noticed:

one). Radial piston sort

2). Undertake Imported Bearing and Oil Seal, and many others.

3). Modular style, High performance, Substantial pressure and clean running even at very reduced speeds.
4). Permissible Radial and Axial load, Motor with multi-disc brake, Motor emission management.


CZPT Machinery: Rock Observed.

Marine Equipment: Marine Deck Crane, Gantry Crane CZPT.

Mining Equipment: Heavy Obligation Dealing with Car, Coal Mine Drill.

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Good quality Manage: 

Sort MS50-eight MS50-nine MS50- MS50-one MS50-two
Displacement(ml/r) Full Semi Total Semi Full Semi Total Semi Entire Semi
3500 1750 4008 2004 4996 1747 6012 3006
Max power(kw) 123 eighty two 123 eighty two 123 sixty five 123 82
Force discrepancy 10MPa Torque
(N. m)
5231 2562 5990 2935 7467 2558 8985 4402
Rated torque(N. m) 13077 14975 18667 22463
Rated pressure(MPa) twenty five twenty five 25 25
Max force(MPa) 40 forty 40 35
Rated speed(r/min) forty forty 40 35
Pace range(r/min) -one hundred -100 -one hundred -90

Ms50 Hydraulic Wheel Drive Motor for Rock Saw