Lube Oil Purifier, Hydraulic Oil Purification System for Sale

Lube Oil Purifier, Hydraulic Oil Purification System for Sale

Lube Oil Purifier&commaCZPT Oil Purification Technique for sale

Brief introduction&colon
This device can fast degas&comma dewater&comma and remove the impurity and the risky matter &lparfor illustration ethyl alcoholic beverages&comma gasoline&comma ammonia and so on&rpar&interval Improves the oil top quality&comma restores the lubricating oil viscosity&comma flash point and increases the oil ability&period of time Assured the hydraulic technique&comma dynamic program and lubricating technique running typically&period of time

The device is fit for numerous strains&comma this kind of as transportation&commamine&comma metallurgy&comma electric energy&comma manufactures and so on&interval&time period Regenerate the utilised diesel oil&comma hydraulic oil&comma lubricating oil&comma coolant oil&comma device oil and so on&time period
Restores the lubricating oil viscosity&comma flash stage and increases the oil functionality&interval Guaranteed the hydraulic system&comma dynamic method and lubricating technique working normally&period of time

Features and Advantages&colon
1&period With the sturdy capability to filter the impurity&commawhich can filter the particles entirely&period
2&period of time It has the again flush program&comma which can very clear impurities automatically&time period
3&time period Superior dielectric condensation device
four&interval This device installs the new force protector&comma which can handle the temperature routinely&semi also it can drain water on line by the drinking water-separator unit&period So it is effortless to management this device&time period
5&period We adopt the large top quality filter materials&comma which has a good operate in anti-corrosive&comma thermostable&comma higher mechanical power&time period Particularly&comma the precision of eliminates impurity is high and the support lifestyle is long&period Also&comma it has a large volume for storing the impurities&interval
6&period of time The special degas and dewater system&colon Making use of the Stereo-Evaporation complex&comma which can different the h2o and gasoline from the oil speedily by the Multi-amount water-oil separation technology&period 

Complex Parameter&colon

Product Device TYA-A10 TYA -A20 TYA -A30 TYA -A50 TYA -A100 TYA -A150 TYA -A200 TYA -A300
Stream charge L&solmin 600 1200 1800 3000 6000 9000 12000 18000
Vacuum diploma Mpa &period06 ~- &period095
Doing work pressure Mpa ≤0&period4
Temperature diploma ºC ~one hundred
Doing work noise DB &lparA&rpar ≤75 ≤75 ≤75 ≤78 ≤78 ≤78 ≤80 ≤82
CZPT heating electricity KW 36 forty forty five seventy two eighty ninety one hundred twenty a hundred thirty five
Overall electric power KW 38 forty two forty seven seventy five 87 one zero one a hundred thirty five 147
Inlet &lparoutlet&rpar caliber mm 25 twenty five 25 32 forty two 50 50 60
Dimension mm 1500x1000x 1600 1500x1050x 1600 1500x1050x1650 1600x1150x1700 1750x1150x1750 1900x1600x1950 1950x1600x1950 2100x1600x2000
Weight Kg 350 380 400 450 550 650 seven hundred 750
Viscosity index mm2&solS GB443-89
Flash position&lparopen cup&rpar ºC GB443-89
Humidity &percnt No trace water &lparGB&solT260&rpar
Mechanism impurities &percnt &period05~&period005&lparGB&solT511&rpar

one–Squander Oil Distillation Plant
These kinds of as utilized motor&sol motor&sol lubricant Oil
two–Insulating Oil Purifier
These kinds of as CZPTrmer Oil&comma Mutual Inductor Oil&comma Swap Oil
3–Turbine Oil Filtration Machine
4–Lubricating&solCZPT Oil Treatment Machine
These kinds of as CZPT Oil&comma Fridge Oil and so on
5–Fire-resistant Oil Filtration Purifier
6–Mild Diesel Oil Purification Equipment
seven–Meals Grade Oil Filtration Equipment
Stainless Steel Material Equipment
eight–Modest Cheap Oil CZPT Machine
9–LY Plate Pressure Oil Filtration Purifier
10–Insulating Oil Tester
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Lube Oil Purifier, Hydraulic Oil Purification System for Sale