Lq3g High Viscosity Heating Jacket Electric Emulsion Bitumen Asphalt Three Screw Pump

Lq3g High Viscosity Heating Jacket Electric Emulsion Bitumen Asphalt Three Screw Pump


1. CZPT3G BiHangCZPT Emulsion A few Screw Pump with Heating Jacket for LPG Transfer, Three Screw Pump for oil, biHangCZPT,asphalt pump  , can transmit heavy oil without particle, non-corrosive oil

two. The viscosity can be 3.~760 mm2/s (1.2-100 °E). High viscosity medium can be pumped right after overheating.

three. It can be utilized as rubricating pump, hydraulic pump, increase pump, petrol pump and dispensing pump.

four. Pump fuel oil, rubricate oil, hydraulic oil, crude oil, heavy oil, asphalt, biHangCZPT, rubber, resin this kind of numerous varieties of lubrication oil-kind liquid in industries of petroleum, steel creating, chemical fiber, meals, metallurgy, street building, electrify, mining, shipbuilding, glass, rubber. 

Strengths of The CZPT:

  1. Large stress increase abilities even when handling minimal viscosity fluids
  2. Pump with one particular of the greatest overall efficiencies when dealing with hefty crude
  3. Basic pump style with only 3 rotating components and a single shaft seal
  4. Pulse-totally free movement with really low vibration and sound ranges



For land
Lubrication Bearing lubrication oil source
Burning Gasoline oil burning
Oil Force Drinking water turbine management hydraulic strain and other hydraulic oil pressure method
Transfer Oil and other liquid transfer
Other Gasoline Seal oil, Asphalt spraying, High viscosity liquid this sort of as viscose transfer


For ship
Lubrication Major turbine and motor
Burning Gas oil burning
Oil Force Variable pitch propeller and winch steering hydraulic oil force system
Transfer Lubricating oil and gasoline oil transfer


Merchandise details:

Working Theory:  Three Screw (A single major, two pushed screws)
Primary apps:  Heavy Oil, biHangCZPT, viscous fluids
Driver:  CZPT motor, diesel motor
Electrical power Specs:  220V,240V,380V,400V,415V,440V,460V,50hz/60hz
Max. permissible fluid temperature:  350°C
Variety of connection:  Flange, Thread, Swift Coupled
Installation position:  Horizontal
Casing/Interior components content:  Cast iron, Stainless Steel/Solid iron, Stainless metal, Bronze
Shaft seal kind:  Mechanical seal
Greatest viscosity:  1000CST
Highest travel ranking:  90 kW
Greatest caliber:  6inch  (150mm)
Greatest discharge-side pressure:  2.5mpa (25bar)
Flow price range:  4.five~250 m3/h


Performance Info: 

Pump Dimensions Stream Fee Pressure Rotate speed Electricity KW NPSHR
M3/h LPM Mpa RPM Shaft electrical power Motor M
CZPT3G45×2-forty six four.28 71.28 .six 960 one.03 one.5 five
four.14 68.96 one one.seventy three 2.2
4 sixty six.sixty three 1.six 2.eight 4
6.fifty three 108.eight .six 1450 1.seventy five 2.2
six.32 one zero five.3 one 2.61 3
six.one a hundred and one.7 1.6 three.75 five.5
CZPT3G60×2-46 9.89 164.eight .six 960 2.33 3 5
nine.seventy three 162.two .8 2.ninety one four
9.fifty six 159.four 1 three.61 five.five
fifteen.1 251.6 .6 1450 three.56 five.5
fourteen.six 243.three 1 five.fifty one seven.5
CZPT3G80×2-46 16.8 280.three .6 960 3.5 five.five five.5
16.three 271.2 1 5.41 seven.5
25.seven 427.8 .6 1450 five.forty three seven.5
24.8 413.9 one eight.51 eleven
CZPT3G90×2-46 34.2 570.three .6 960 7.86 eleven five.five
34 566.seven .eight nine.seven eleven
33.1 551.seven 1 11.4 15
52.six 876.four .six 1450 12 fifteen
52 866 .8 fourteen.nine eighteen.5
51.four 856.one 1 eighteen.6 22
CZPT3G100×2-forty six forty eight.7 812.2 .six 960 ten.eight 15 five.five
48 800.one .eight thirteen.three fifteen
46.9 782.three 1 sixteen.7 22
72.seven 1212 .6 1450 16.5 18.5
seventy two 1200 .8 20.four 22
seventy one.2 1187 1 twenty five.5 30
CZPT3G110×2-46 sixty.nine 1015 .6 960 13.7 eighteen.five 5.five
58.nine 981.seven 1 21.8 thirty
ninety six.seven 1611 .six 1450 21.nine 30
ninety four.6 1577 1 33.9 45


Firm details:
ZHangCZPTg CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd is 1 of the foremost companies and exporters in the area of market pumps with manufacturing services in mainland CZPT. We are specialized in oil pump, diaphragm pump, diesel engine pump, centrifugal pump, screw pump, chemical pump and many others.

Lq3g High Viscosity Heating Jacket Electric Emulsion Bitumen Asphalt Three Screw Pump