Heat Preservation Heavy Fuel Oil Transfer Gear Pump

Heat Preservation Heavy Fuel Oil Transfer Gear Pump

Solution overview:

The primary circulation-passage sections of the warmth-preservation asphalt pump all manufactured of carbon steel with heating spacer bushing have hollow interlayers heating of delivered liquids and the pump, heat preservation and other functions can be realized with steam, scorching h2o and warmth transfer oil, etc. When higher viscosity liquids are transported, reducer, adjustable-speed motor, belt pulley and other transmission designs ought to be employed to reduce the pump’s rotation speed.
HL CZPT heating BiHangCZPT pump is a variety of large temperature resistant equipment pump. It is primarily based on the common equipment pump. It has a extensive pump entire body, substantial temperature seal, and can be wound with electric powered heating belt on the pump entire body. The asphalt solidified at typical or reduced temperature within the pump physique is melted underneath the action of the heating zone. It is extensively utilised in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, foods, textile, every day chemical, nationwide protection and other industries to transportation viscous liquids this sort of as asphalt, resins, polymers and other components that need heat preservation.
Application assortment of electric powered heating asphalt pump:
The electrical heating gear pump is utilized to express liquid medium without having strong particles that requirements to be insulated with a viscosity of one.-one hundred thousand cst and a temperature of 60-350 ºC. Functions of the pump: The electric heating gear pump is resistant to high temperatures and has sturdy self-priming efficiency. The forged steel substance can be used at temperatures up to 350 ° C.

Product Circulation


motor power
HL2-.6 two .six 3 DN25 one.five-6
HL3-.six three .six 3 DN25 2.2-4
HL4-.6 4 .6 three DN40 2.two-6
HL6-.6 6 .6 three DN40 four-four
HL8-.6 8 .six three DN50 5.five-six
HL12-.6 twelve .6 3 DN50 seven.5-4
HL18-.6 18 .6 three DN80 7.five-six
HL29-.six 29 .6 3 DN80 11-4
HL38-.six 38 .6 3 DN100 15-six
HL58-.six 58 .six three DN100 22-four
HL72-.six 72 .six three DN150 37-8
HL95-.6 95 .6 three DN150 45-six
HL108-.six 108 .six 3 DN200 55-eight
HL150-.six 150 .6 three DN200 75-6

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Heat Preservation Heavy Fuel Oil Transfer Gear Pump