Gold Mining Crushing Equipment Hydraulic Cone Crusher of Mineral Processing Plant

Gold Mining Crushing Equipment Hydraulic Cone Crusher of Mineral Processing Plant

Gold Mining Crushing CZPT CZPT Cone Crusher of Mineral Processing Plant

Functioning Basic principle
HCC series solitary cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, a variety of cone crusher with superior technological innovation in the entire world, has not only the characteristics of substantial dependability, but also the characteristic of large crushing efficiency, low procedure price, and excellent form of the end merchandise. It is widely utilised in mining and gravel aggregate industries, and is suitable for crushing a variety of resources with hard and previously mentioned medium hardness.
There’re different alternatives for cavities. By suitable chamber and eccentricity, it fulfills the customer’s maximum desire for manufacturing and higher output. Under the problem of total feeding, it can realize laminating crushing, and make better materials for the goods.

Reduced Susceptible Element Use and Low Operation Cost
The discharge opening can be modified timely and conveniently with hydraulic modifying layout, which realizes full load operation, lower put on elements usage and decreases procedure expense.

Simple Chamber Exchange
Owing to the very same physique structure, we can get different crushing chamber by shifting the liner plate to satisfy the a variety of processing prerequisite for main and fantastic crushing.

Sophisticated CZPT CZPT Provides Straightforward Procedure and Routine maintenance
Adopting sophisticated hydraulic engineering, the overload security can be recognized successfully, which simplifies the composition of crusher and lowers its fat. All maintenance and inspection can be fulfilled via the top of the crusher, reaching easy routine maintenance.

Large Feeding Inlet Style
Big feeding inlet layout is adopted by S kind HCC collection cone crusher to offer good mating with primary jaw crusher and the crushing capability can be drastically improved. Whilst processing gravels, it can replace jaw crusher for main crushing.

Application Scope
CZPT cone crusher is a single of the most typically utilised mining gear, which is commonly utilized in mineral processing, design components, silicate and chemical industries. In the creation of small scale, medium scale or large scale mineral processing crops, it is usually utilised as the secondary and tertiary crushing device to crush tough or medium difficult metal ores of gold, silver, copper, direct, zinc, nickel, manganese, iron, molybdenum, chromium, tin and others, as nicely as stone, rock, granite, limestone, barite, quartz, graphite, feldspar, fluorspar, and so on.

Complex Parameters of HCC Series Solitary CZPT Cylinder Cone Crusher

Product Chamber Inlet Dimensions
Max. Feeding Size
Discharging Dimensions
HCC100   Stroke sixteen Stroke 22   90
A one hundred fifty one hundred twenty 12~39 15~37
B one hundred thirty one zero five ten~33 11~31
C 100 eighty five 7~33 nine~thirty
D forty 32 5~31 six~29
HCC200   Stroke eighteen Stroke twenty five   one hundred sixty
A 220 180 eighteen~35 22~thirty
B one hundred fifty a hundred and twenty fifteen~35 19~thirty
C 80 sixty 9~35 twelve~30
D forty 32 6~35 eight~thirty
HCC300   Stroke twenty five Stroke 32   250
A 230 one hundred ninety 20~forty five twenty five~40
B a hundred and fifty one hundred twenty five 17~forty five 20~forty
C eighty 60 ten~forty 13~35
D 40 32 six~40 8~35
HCC500   Stroke twenty five Stroke 32 Stroke 40 315
A 230 180 22~fifty 26~forty five 30~40
B 150 125 19~48 22~forty three 26~38
C one hundred eighty 12~40 14~35 sixteen~30
D 50 40 8~30 ten~twenty five 12~20


Model Stroke Shut Aspect Discharge Outlet
eight twelve sixteen 20 twenty five thirty 35 forty 45
HCC100 sixteen 35~forty 45~55 55~65 sixty seven~seventy five 75~85 ninety~one hundred one zero five~one hundred fifteen    
22 45~50 55~sixty five 65~seventy five 75~90 eighty five~a hundred and five 100~125 115~135    
HCC200 18 sixty five~seventy five seventy five~90 85~one zero five one hundred~a hundred twenty five one hundred thirty five~one hundred fifty 160~175 one hundred seventy~190    
25   90~a hundred and ten 110~one hundred thirty one hundred twenty five~one hundred fifty five a hundred and sixty~one hundred eighty 185~210      
HCC300 twenty five one hundred~one hundred twenty 110~one hundred thirty five one hundred thirty~a hundred and sixty 150~180 one hundred seventy~200 two hundred~230 230~260 250~290 270~310
32 a hundred and ten~135 130~one hundred fifty a hundred and sixty~200 one hundred eighty~220 200~250 230~280 260~310 280~320 300~340
HCC500 twenty five one hundred~120 a hundred and twenty~150 one hundred forty~one hundred seventy one hundred sixty~a hundred ninety one hundred ninety~220 220~250 250~280 280~310 330~370
32   one hundred fifty~170 170~200 200~230 250~270 280~three hundred 310~340 370~420 430~500
forty   180~two hundred 210~240 250~280 three hundred~330 330~380 370~420 430~five hundred  

Complex Parameters of Medium Crushing Type

Product Chamber Inlet Dimensions
Max. Feeding Size
Discharging Size
HCCZ100   Stroke 16 Stroke 22   75~ninety
A 250 210 35~65 35~60
B 200 170 35~sixty five 35~sixty
HCCZ200   Stroke 18 Stroke 25   a hundred and ten~a hundred and sixty
A 330 280 27~65 30~sixty
B 250 210 twenty five~sixty 28~fifty five
HCCZ300   Stroke 25 Stroke 32   160~250
A 380 320 28~seventy three 32~sixty nine
B 280 240 26~sixty six thirty~62
HCCZ500   Stroke 18 Stroke twenty five Stroke 32 250~315
A five hundred 420 50~80 55~seventy five sixty~70
B 380 320 40~70 forty five~65 50~60


Product Stroke Shut Side Discharge Outlet
35 forty 45 50 fifty five sixty 65 70 75
HCCZ100 16 135~a hundred and fifty 145~165 a hundred and fifty five~175 165~185 a hundred seventy five~a hundred ninety 180~205      
20 160~a hundred and eighty 170~200 one hundred eighty~210 a hundred ninety~220 two hundred~230 205~235      
HCCZ200 eighteen 160~one hundred ninety one hundred eighty~210 200~230 230~250 250~270 270~three hundred      
twenty five a hundred ninety~240 210~260 230~280 260~310 290~340 310~370      
HCCZ300 25 250~300 290~340 320~350 350~380 380~410 410~440 440~470    
32 340~390 370~420 four hundred~440 430~470 470~500 500~510 530~540    
HCCZ500 eighteen     300~350 330~380 370~420 400~450 430~480 460~510 500~550
twenty five       five hundred~550 550~600 600~650 650~seven hundred seven-hundred~750 750~800
32       650~seven-hundred seven hundred~750 750~800 825~875 900~950 950~1000

1. What is the main organization scope of your organization?
HZE is a firm with R&D centre, design institute, producing factories, installation and commissioning groups. Our buyers are in the mining and mineral processing fields. Our main organizations consist of mineral processing EPC (engineering, procurement and design), task session, engineering layout, mineral processing gear producing, on-web site set up, commissioning, workers training, customer project procedure administration, CZPT supply and complex assistance. Customers are free to decide on any 1 or any combination of our companies.

2. What are the outstanding benefits of your firm?
The one particular-cease support of mineral processing engineering task and equipment is our core competitiveness.
The most crucial function that HZE distinguishes by itself from other engineering companies, layout businesses or consulting organizations is that we are also an equipment producer with a production plant of fifty,000 sq. meters, and we have full producing rout and the connected gear.
HZE distinguishes by itself from other gear makers by possessing its very own R&D heart and engineering design and style institute.
HZE distinguishes by itself from many mining machinery enterprises by possessing an skilled staff with members including not only senior engineers of the firm, but also best Chinese specialized specialists, university professors and researchers.

three. What are the traits of your firm’s 3D layout?
HZE not only makes use of 3D application to design products, but also makes use of 3D computer software to style approach movement, pipeline, metal composition, auxiliary services, and so on. of the total mineral processing project. We even use 3D style for tools packaging, container packing and equipment directions handbook. This drastically improves the high quality of tools and engineering, shortens the design period of time, facilitates technological dialogue and evaluation, facilitates undertaking administration, improves design basic safety and lowers task expense.

four.  What are the service features of your company?

  1. Consumers who regardless of whether acquire our equipment, or entrust us with EPC, or require us to supply a specific service, cooperate carefully with us to carry out distinct functions and supervise our implementation all through the process.
  2. HZE will attempt to recognize the fundamental situation and needs of clients as in depth as possible just before the sale, formulate a preliminary strategy in accordance to the specific situation of customers, and get unanimous views soon after communications and discussions with buyers to determine the plan.
  3. We established up consumer information for every single client who signed the deal with us and add them to the Cloud exactly where buyers can also get an account and password. Consumers can have all the files, films and photos, engineering, services, execution, procedure, management and management, servicing and so on associated to the business.
  4. Whether or not it is in the method of general contracting, tools manufacturing or providing some kind of provider, we welcome customers to know about our implementation on the place or by means of the network, and place forward requirements and viewpoints.
  5. We help customers who have used our goods to formulate operation technical specs and make recommendations on servicing programs and CZPT inventories. In addition to program on-site set up, commissioning and coaching, throughout the creation period after we handing above products to clients for use, we usually comprehend the gear employing circumstances by way of the network and provide advice and training to customer management and operators.
  6. For the customers who have just commence the mining business, we provide the possibility of coaching and exercise in CZPT’s mines for the clients’ staff, till they are skilled in procedure and maintenance.


Gold Mining Crushing Equipment Hydraulic Cone Crusher of Mineral Processing Plant