Gc Series Multistage Centrifugal Boiler Feed and Water Pump

Gc Series Multistage Centrifugal Boiler Feed and Water Pump



one. Belt Pushed Gear Pump is a sort of higher effecient and power-conserving products. It is drvien by belt pulley.   

two. The set up and usage is a lot more handy, can broadly use in outside and compound with other equipment.

three. By adopting belt pulley generate, the pace of pump is adjustable. It could be used for substantial viscosity medium.

four. The stainless steel pump also could transfer chemical liquid, and the one particular with bronze equipment is created for reduced flash position oil, these kinds of as gasoline Specs.

five. To the differect clients’ need, we layout it into two materials: C kind and B variety.

          C kind is manufactured of forged iron, using to transit h2o, kerosene, white oil, heacy oil and equipment oil and many others.

          B type is undertake barss equipment, making use of to pump sea drinking water, brine, weak acid and other chemistry liquid



Item information:

Working Basic principle: Double Gears
Major applications:        Oil (Forbidden Gasoline), Lubricating fluid
Driver: CZPT motor
Energy Specs:

220V/380V/415V 3phase  110V/220/240 1phase


Max. permissible fluid temperature: 70°C
Variety of relationship: Thread
Installation situation: Horizontal
Casing parts materials: Forged iron, stainless Metal
Gear mateiral: Forged iron, stainless metal, bronze
Shaft seal kind:   Oil seal 
Maximum viscosity: 1.5X103C.S.T
Highest generate score:  5.5kW (seven.5HP)
Optimum caliber:   80mm (3inch)
Highest discharge-side force: .3MPa (3bar)
Maximum suction 3m (9.8ft)
Flow rate variety:   sixteen-320L/min (4.two-eighty four.5US.GPM)


Functionality Info:








Shaft Electrical power


 Match Set Powwer


 BP-one/two-C(B)  16  0.2-.4  500  0.22  0.37
 BP-three/four-C(B)  39  0.2-.4  500  0.37  0.fifty five
 BP-1-C(B)  56  0.2-.4  500  0.seventy five  1.one
 BP-11/4-C(B)  66  0.two-.four  500  0.9  1.5
 BP-eleven/two-C(B)  100  0.two-.4  450  1.7  2.two
 BP-two-C(B)  160  0.two-.four  450  2.6  3
 BP-3-C(B)  320  0.two-.4  450  3.seven  4


Business Info

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Gc Series Multistage Centrifugal Boiler Feed and Water Pump