Chinese Mud Pumps Slurry Pump in Stock

Chinese Mud Pumps Slurry Pump in Stock

Chinese Mud Pumps Slurry Pump in Stock 
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According to the demands for transporting the ash slurry in energy crops, metallurgy, mines and coal market and so on, based mostly on the dozens of years of experiences, we developed the ZGB(P) slurry pump which has large circulation, higher head and can be connected multi-stage in series, its characteristics are adhering to:

1. The composition of ZGB (P) pump is horizontal, one-suction, one-phase, cantilever, double-casing and centrifugal, and the wet components of the same discharge amongst ZGB and ZGBP can be interchanged

two. Created with CAD software program, good hydraulic performance, large effectiveness and reduce abrasion

three. Broader movement channel, very good capability of non-clogging and NPSH

4. Expeller seal merged with packing seal and mechanical seal to promise that no leakage will occur

five. Dependable design ensures the MTBF (Suggest Time among Failures) can be improved drastically

six. Bearing is lubricated with slender oil, and it can function underneath reduced temperature by placing the lubrication and cooling method affordable

seven. Wet components are made of particular content with great capability of corrosion and dress in

eight. The pumps can be related in multi-phase in collection beneath the allow force (three.6MPa).

Notation & Explanation                                                                          

For example, 100ZGB (P)

100: Diameter of Discharge

Z: Slurry pump

G: Higher Head

B: Sequence Code

(P): Multi-stage, (three-four phases)


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Chinese Mud Pumps Slurry Pump in Stock