China Blince Oz50 Hydraulic Motor

China Blince Oz50 Hydraulic Motor

CZPT Hydro motors OZ Sequence are Common Applied In&colon
-Winch in boat -Plastic Injection Moulding Machine -sweeper machine
– lawn mower -road line marker-wheat harvest device and other mild equipment-car tail raise

Common function
one&interval Substantial pressurre of shaft seal
3&interval Phosphating coating to protect from rusting
two&time period Freely disassemble leakage ports
four&period of time Needle bearing
5&interval Omp500 be Compatible With M&plusS MR&solMLHR

CZPT created manufacturing unit estblish in 2004s &comma we are complete encounter to technological adis for hydraulic motor omr &solomrs&solomm &solomp&solomph&solomt&solomv&soloms&solomsy&solok&soloz&sol 6kseries  & vane pump&lpar PV2R&comma VQ &commaV &commaSQP Sequence&periodpump cartridge&rpar
We own ourself brand name  in 2571 a long time “CZPT” &commato enlarge  name plate attempts &commaalso support customization
Our order keep track of data ” &  perfomance certificate &time period make sure you entre in the “business profile portion ” to seek

If you have any requests&comma to get from us&excl &excl I am so happy to give our greatest solutions

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Code Displacement
Max pressure
cont&period cont&time period int&interval cont&period int&time period cont&time period int&time period cont&time period
OZ36 37 1081 fifty one 68 5&period2 eight&period6 ten&period5 fourteen 40
OZ50 51&period7 774 73 96 5&period2 8&period6 ten&period5 14 forty
OZ80 77&period7 515 106 143 5&period2 eight&period6 ten&period5 fourteen forty
OZ100 ninety six&period2 416 140 178 5&period2 eight&period6 10&period5 14 40
OZ125 117&period9 339 162 218 five&period2 8&period6 10&period5 fourteen 40
OZ160 a hundred and fifty five&period5 257 216 288 five&period2 eight&period6 ten&period5 14 40
OZ200 189&period9 211 264 351 5&period2 eight&period6 10&period5 14 forty
OZ250 231 173 281 351 four&period6 7 nine eleven&period5 forty
OZ315 311&period7 128 312 433 three&period4 five&period8 7 ten&period5 40
OZ400 386&period2 104 392 582 three&period4 five&period8 seven ten&period5 forty

China Blince Oz50 Hydraulic Motor