1 2″ Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump to Transport Acid and Alkali Liquids

AODD Air Operated Diaphragm Pump Item Overview:

The AODD collection Air Operated Diaphragm Pump produced by KEMAI of CZPT is a new sort of conveying equipment, making use of compressed air as the electrical power source to transportation various corrosive liquids, liquids with particles, higher viscosity, unstable, flammable, poisonous liquids.The efficiency parameters are equivalent to these of the WLLDENPVMPS from The Federal Republic of Germany and the MARlOWPUMPS from the CZPT States.

AODD Air Operated Diaphragm Pump Product Rewards:

AODD Air Operated Diaphragm Pump can not only pump flowing liquid, but also transportation some not flowing media, with self-primed pumps, submersible pumps, shielded pumps, mud pumps and impurities pumps and other transport equipment many advantages.

one. No irrigation water is needed.Suction up to 5m.The head reaches 70m.Outlet stress ≥6bar.

two. Roomy movement with excellent passing efficiency.Highest particle diameter permitted through up to 10mm.When pumping mud, impurities, tiny put on on the pump

three. Head and flow can be adjusted stepless through the opening of air valve (air force is adjusted between one and seven bar) :

4, the pump no rotating elements, no shaft seal, diaphragm pump shifting elements of the pump, the workpiece media is completely separated, the medium will not leak out.So when pumping poisonous, easy to enjoy or corrosive media, will not trigger environmental air pollution and harm to personal protection

5. No electric power.Protected and reputable use in inflammable and explosive places

6. Can work immersed in medium:

7, effortless to use, dependable operate, start and end basically open and shut the gasoline valve.Even if because of to unexpected situation and a extended time with no medium operation or sudden quit pump will not be damaged.In situation of overload, the pump will shut down routinely with self-security. When the load returns to typical, it can start off to operate immediately.

eight, basic construction, considerably less wear components, the pump composition is straightforward, simple to install and keep, the pump medium will not speak to the valve, hyperlink and other moving areas, unlike other varieties of pumps thanks to the use of rotor, piston, gear, blade and other components of the functionality of the gradual drop:

nine. It can transportation reasonably viscous liquid (viscosity underneath 10,000 cp) :

ten, the pump does not want oil lubrication, even idling.It also has no influence on the pump, which is the greatest attribute of the pump.

AODD Air Operated Diaphragm Pump Performance parameters:








Outlet stress


Air inlet size

SKQ-ten ten (three/8″) 22 70 7 1/4″
SKQ-15 15 (one/2″) 22 70 seven 1/4″
SKQ-twenty twenty (three/4″) 57 70 7 1/4″
SKQ-25 twenty five (1″) 57 70 seven one/4″
SKQ-25A 25 (1″) 116 84 8.4 one/2″
SKQ-32 32 (1.2″) 151 eighty four eight.4 1/2″
SKQ-forty 40 (one.5″) 151 eighty four eight.four one/2″
SKQ-40A forty (1.5″) 378.five 84 eight.four 1/2″
SKQ-50 fifty (2″) 378.5 84 eight.four 1/2″
SKQ-sixty five sixty five (two.5″) 378.five 84 eight.four one/2″
SKQ-50A fifty (2″) 586 eighty four 8.four 1/2″
SKQ-eighty eighty (3″) 586 eighty four 8.four one/2″
SKQ-a hundred a hundred (4″) 586 eighty four 8.four one/2″
SKQ-80A eighty (3″) 1041 84 eight.four three/4″
SKQ-a hundred twenty five one hundred twenty five (5″) 1041 eighty four eight.four 3/4″

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