Series Bhr Blr&Sp Desulphurization Pump

Series Bhr  Blr&Sp  Desulphurization Pump

Series BHR(P), BLR&SP(R) Desulphurization Pump

CZPTly design and style& manufacture for flue-gas desulphurization technique

According to the unique requirements of international market expectations and governing SO2, it has been proved by the FGD system procedure of all coal-fired power vegetation in the planet that moulded rubber-lined matched with the desulfurization pump is the most reasonable.Its cost is reduce than metallic lined and its daily life is a few occasions as prolonged as metal-lined.3 collection of rubber-lined desulfurization pump have been created & manufactured by our works. Sequence BHR(P)&BLR is horizontal, single-phase, solitary-suction, cantilever rubber-lined pump, and sequence SP& SPR is vertical, sump pump, their functions are as follows:

1) Contemporary CAD technologies, super hydraulic efficiency, large effectiveness and fantastic energy-saving.

two) Mould rubber liner can be resistant to use and corrosion.It is appropriate for 2.5-thirteen PH benefit and 800ppm chloride.The casing is produced of nodular forged iron.For unique specifications, the impeller and front liner created of higher alloy put on and corrosion-resistant special components can be presented.For that reason, the pump can be operated in lengthier daily life, lower price, trouble-free of charge and fantastic benefit to modern society.

3) The bearing can be lubricated with grease or oil to maintain operation at reasonalbe lower temperature.The clearance of the pump can be conveniently modified.The pump has super trustworthiness.

four) In get to stay away from leakage and air pollution, the pump can be matched with mechanical seals with or without wear-filling, packing seal, and merged seal with expeller and packing on customer’s option so as to be ensured trustworthy operation, free of charge from leakage and maintance.

five) Collection BHR(P) and BLR pumps can be operated in sequence inside of the permissible pressure according to the specifications.

six) Series BHR(P) and BLR pumps can be drived in direct travel and indirect with belt.Some speed handle devices-gear box, hydrodynamic coupling or frequency converter can be chosen so that the pump can be economically operated on the duty’s requirements.

seven) Series SP&SPR pumps are employed in a sump.The shaft can be extended and supported on its center as necessary.The pump has super trustworthiness and continual procedure.

eight) The pump specifically treated can be operated in the condition of seawater desulfuration, fume and electrochemistry in coastal area.


Series Bhr  Blr&Sp  Desulphurization Pump