Rexroth Variable Plunger Pump A4vtg Series Piston Pump

Rexroth Variable Plunger Pump A4vtg Series Piston Pump

CZPT pump A4VTG Collection CZPT CZPT Piston Pump

>>> Specification

Size 71 90
Displacement seventy one 90
Minimal pace rmp five hundred 500
Greatest pace 3300 3050
Movement l/min 234 275
Electrical power KW 156 183
Min. Torque Nm 113 143
Max. Torque 452 573
Greatest angular acceleration rad/s² 21000 18000
Housing Potential L 1.3 one.two
Bodyweight kg 51 fifty three

>>> Supply types:

Designs A4VTG71HW/32R-NLD10F001S A4VTG90CHW/32R-NLD10F0015
A4VTG71HWCSD/32L-NLD10F001S-S A4VTG090EP3P0/33MRNC4C92F0000AS-
A4VTG071HW100/33MLNC4C82F0000AS- A4VTG090EP3P0/33MRNC4V92F0000AS-S
A4VTG071HW100/33MLNC4C82F0000AS-S A4VTG090EP3PT/33+AZ-P-F-twelve
A4VTG071HW100/33MRNC4C82F0000AS- A4VTG090EP3PT/33ARNC4M94FA3S2AB-
A4VTG071HW100/33MRNC4C82FA2S2AS- A4VTG090EP4P0/33MLNC4V92F0000AS-
A4VTG071HW100/33MRNC4C82FB2S4AS- A4VTG090EP4P0/33MRNC4C91F0000AS-S
A4VTG90HW/32R-NLD10F001S A4VTG090EP4P0/33MRNC4C92F0000AS-

>>> Application:
Utilized in wheel loader, excavator, mobile pump truck, crane and so on.

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>>> Company Profile 

HangCZPT Xihu (West Lake) Substance Co., Ltd, began business since 1991, and was formally set up as a registered business in 2002, with five.3million RMB registered money.

Just before 2015, Xihu (West Lake) focused on the domestic marketplace, and is a qualified provider of numerous Chinese condition-owned enterprises.

In 2015, Xihu (West Lake) established up the international advertising division, specializing in exporting concrete development equipment, mining Roadheaders, and the connected CZPT and add-ons. With production bases in HangCZPT, HangCZPT and HangCZPT towns.

Xihu (West Lake) owns branches “Cahi “in Kiev Ukraine, and “Speedlane CZPT Restricted” overseas organization. Primarily export to Pakistan, Ukraine, Russia, and other EU nations around the world and Southeast Asian nations around the world under our personal brand names “Speedlane” and ” XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.NG”.

Xihu (West Lake) has acquired the CE certificate, and Ukraine’s Coal Mining Basic safety certificate and authorization. Cooperated with Ukraine premier vitality organization, DTEK group, the world prime five hundred, and proven a long time period and helpful partnership.

Xihu (West Lake)’s organization benefit: Striving, Loyalty, Honesty and Altruism.

Xihu (West Lake)’s function notion: In no way Leave Present day Perform for Tomorrow.Transmit Good CZPT!

Xihu (West Lake)’s mission:

One particular Stop Shop in engineering construction equipment

CZPT Equipment, Global Companies!

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>>> Payment & Logistic 

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Rexroth Variable Plunger Pump A4vtg Series Piston Pump