Power Plant Desulfurization Pump UHMWPE Rubber Cr Alloy Fgd Pump

Power Plant Desulfurization Pump UHMWPE Rubber Cr Alloy Fgd Pump

FGD Pump Introduction:
TL(R) flue gas desulfurization(FGD) pump is single stage, one suction horizontal centrifugal pump, specially
created to satisfy the needs of wet process FGD of limestone(lime) and gypsum for coal fired power
crops. We have elaborately developed a new materials which possesses anti-corrosion of duplex stainless metal
and the anti-abrasion of higher chrome white iron, generating confident the sturdy use and stable working overall performance.

  1. Discharge: 350~1000 mm
  2. Ability:1600m3/h-15000m3/h (444L/S-4167L/S)
  3. Head:15m-31m
  4. Velocity:n=420~980rpm
  5. S.g.:γ ≤1.5 
  6. Temperature:T=~120ºC 
  7. Doing work Performance: max to ninety%
  8. Materials: anti-wear and corrosion-resistance

Pump Part Chart for FGD pump

Model Ability Head Speed Effectiveness NPSHr Suction /Discharge Dimensions
M3/hr L/s M R/min % mm/mm
350TL(R) 1600 444 25 960 82 4.five 350/four hundred
400TL(R) 2500 694 twenty five 725 eighty three 5. four hundred/450
500TL(R) 3750 1040 twenty five 725 85 5. 500/500
600TL(R) 6300 1750 25.five 620 88 5.five 600/seven hundred
700TL(R) 6840 1900 26 485 87 six. seven-hundred/800
800TL(R) 9360 2600 31 485 90 seven. 800/900
900TL(R) 15000 4167 thirty 485 ninety eight.five 900/a thousand
1000TL(R) 10440 2900 15 485 89 seven. a thousand/1200

1. The sporting areas adopted with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) so as to designed dependability and large efficiency.
2. The place of the impeller can be altered by modifying bearing assembly and the pump Device can be in performance operation state.
3. Pump is back again disassembly sort and needn’t dismantle the pipe link so as to make certain Construction is easy and simple to maintain.
four. Pump head use double rows taper roller bearings and drive end use cylindrical roller bearings, Bearings are lubricated with recycled dilute oil, enhanced the bearing operating problem and Increased support life.
5. Mechanical seal adopted with containers variety mechanical seal to make sure trustworthy operating.
6. It is easy to keep and mend and it is on need to have dismantling inlet and outlet drinking water pipes.


  1. Cartridge mechanical seal with internal or external flushing plans, one seal and double seal are both offered.
  2. All metal materials for pump set, without any lining rubber or other high polymer material.
  3. Pump casing adopts duplex stainless steel of 2605N and 2205,which have excellent resistant performance of chloride ions and sulfate ions,and therefore is the first choice of desulfurization pumps.
  4. CZPT and back open structure,the rotary part can be removed from the casing without dismantling the pipelines.
  5. The bearing part is back pull structure,which is assembled in the bearing housing.
  6. Transmission: directly coupled and gear box drive.

Apps and Traits:
The pump restricting parts adopt the innovative movement simulation engineering to ensure the reputable pump style and the high running performance. The anti-corrosion & anti-dress in steel and rubber components which are particularly created for FGD pumps have been proved by the apply that they can guarantee the extended-daily life pump procedure. By way of modifying the bearing elements to alter the impeller situation in the pump chamber all-time large-productive operation of the pump can be achieved. The pump is characterised by the back again knock-down structure which is straightforward and superior. It is easy to preserve and restore and it is on need to have dismantling inlet and outlet drinking water pipes. The containerized mechanical seal specially utilized for the desulphurization procedure is adopted and its operation is trustworthy.


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Power Plant Desulfurization Pump UHMWPE Rubber Cr Alloy Fgd Pump