Poclain Ms Mse05 Hydraulic Motor

Poclain Ms Mse05 Hydraulic Motor

Solution Attributes: 

Poclain MS/MSE05 CZPT Motor:

one). Radial piston kind

2). Adopt Imported Bearing and Oil Seal, etc.

three). Modular design, Higher performance, Substantial pressure and clean running even at very minimal speeds.
four). Permissible Radial and Axial load, Motor with multi-disc brake, Motor emission control.


MS05 CZPT Motor Purposes: 

CZPT EquipmentCinder, Skid steer loader, Explosion- evidence Forklift, Forklift, Beam Carrier/CZPTing Machine.

Farming Machinery: Mini Farming Motor vehicle, Combine CZPTers and Cotton Pickers.

Mining EquipmentScraper, Road Header, Heavy Responsibility Handling Car, Coal Mine Drill.

CZPT Automobiles: Fireplace Motor.

Our Workshop: 

High quality Management: 

MS05-8 MS05-9 MS05- MS05-1 MS05-two
Entire/Semi Complete/Semi Complete/Semi Entire/Semi Entire/Semi
Displacement(ml/r) 376 188     468 234 514 257 560 280
Max power(kw) twenty five 17     twenty five 17 twenty five 17 25 seventeen
Pressure discrepancy 10MPa Torque
(N. m)
562 275     699 343 768 376 837 410
Rated torque(N. m) 1405   1749 1921 2092
Rated force(MPa) twenty five   25 25 twenty five
Max pressure(MPa) forty   40 35 35
Rated velocity(r/min) ninety   ninety 85 eighty
Velocity selection(r/min) -two hundred   -200 -190 -a hundred and eighty

Poclain Ms Mse05 Hydraulic Motor