PI1710 series Suction hydraulic filters for metallurgical industry hydraulic systems pump

PI1710 series Suction hydraulic filters for metallurgical industry hydraulic systems pump

PI1710 sequence Suction hydraulic filters for metallurgical sector hydraulic techniques pump 

Pumps included in hydraulic systems have to be safeguarded from
coarse containments which when not taken out by any other filtering
products might acquire accessibility to tank.
The filter area is dimensioned to ensure extended lifestyle at the appropriate
corresponding stream fee.
The set up need to be in advance of the pump in the tank for optimum

The normal filter materials is a a hundred µm stainless steal wire mesh.

1.The quality and overall performance can be guaranteed as CZPT factors.
two.Temperature Selection -4°F~212°F
three.Seals: nitrile seals, fluorocarbon seals for corrosive fluids.
four.Collapse stress ranking 21bar-210bar (CZPT Liquid Filtration)
five.CZPTing precision 3, 5, 10,twenty and fifty micron.
6.CZPT Medium: glass fiber, filter paper, stainless metal sinter fiber and stainless wire mes
seven.Fluid Compatibility Suitable with all petroleum oils,h2o glycols, oil/h2o emulsions, large water base fluids,and synthetic fluids suitable with Fluoro Rubber or EPR seals.


Sort OD Connection Dia overall h thraed h2 SW Weight
Pi 1710/one forty six fifty nine.5 eighteen 22 .ten
Pi 1710/two 46 G3/8 59.five eighteen 22 .10
Pi 1710/3 61 fifty three.five 13 27 .fourteen
Pi 1710/four 61 86.5 13 32 .twenty
Pi 1710/51 87 G1 86.5 21 41 .32
Pi 1710/5 87 G1 107.five 21 41 .35
Pi 1710/52 87 G1 152.5 21 forty one .40
Pi 1710/6 ninety nine G1¼ 122 21.five 46 1.00
Pi 1710/7 99 G1½ 159 28 50 1.00
Pi 1710/71 99 G1½ 189 28 50 one.05
Pi 1710/eight 131 G2 161 thirty 65 1.20
Pi 1710/eighty one 131 G2 191 30 65 one.forty
Pi 1710/nine 131 G2½ 198 37.five eighty 1.50



1.We use imported depthype filter materials,tapered pore structure,gradient filter,can intercept granule furthest, to increase the services lifestyle.

2.We use hightech assistance resources.Hightech help materials can not only perform the position of support filter, materials and avoiding extensive deformation,but also defend the resources from being broken during processing.

three.We also use the unique spiral wrapping belts,so that filter layers can be related firmly.Stationary pleated length guarantees the uniform flow when fluid penetrating the filter layer.Not only bettering strain drop,but also extending support existence.

4.Rugged building

5.Massive filtering area location

6.Around the world distribution

Cleansing strategies:
a) CZPT cleansing

Insert the contaminated suction filter component into an ultrasonic bath for roughly 3 minutes, then rinse in clear liquid. Afterwars, blow
air into the filter from the cleanse aspect outward.
The cleaning impact is about eighty-ninety %.

b) Guide cleaning
1 . Eliminate coarse exterior contamination in a seperate cleaning tank using a brush and cleansing agent.
2 . Place filter in unused cleansing liquid (approximately 20 minutes).
three . Wash filter with cleansing liquid from the inside to the outdoors. The cleansing result is roughly sixty-70 %.

Utilizing possibly approach be positive that no filth is washed on the inside of the aspect.

Our benefits:


1. metallurgy: employed for rolling mill, continuous casting machine hydraulic technique of filter and different types of lubrication equipment.

2. petrochemical: utilized in oil refining, chemical merchandise sandinter  mediate goods in the process of manufacturing of separation and recovery, liquid purification, tape, CD and photographic film in the manufacturing of purification, the properly h2o and fuel injection in addition to the particle filter is utilized.

3.textile: polyester melt in the procedure of drawing uniform purification and filtration, the security of the air compressor filters, compressed gasoline oil removal in addition to the water.

four.CZPTs and pharmaceutical: reverse osmosis water, deionized water to offer with filtering, washing liquid and glucose pretreatment filtering.

Some P/N of replaced hydac filter component:

0030D003BN/HC 0030D005BH/HC 0030D005BN3HC 0030D571W/HC
0060D003BN3HC 0060D005BH3HC 0060D571BN3HC 0060D571W/HC
0110D005BH/HC 0110D571BN/HC 0110D003BH/HC 0110D571BN3HC
5710D003BN/HC 5710D005BN3HC 5710D571BH3HC 5710D571W/HC
0140D003BN/HC 0140D005BN3HC 0140D571BH3HC 0140D571W/HC
0160D0003BN/HC 0160D0005BN3HC 0160D571BH3HC 0160D571W/HC
5710D003BN/HC 5710D005BN3HC 5710D571BH3HC 5710D571W/HC
0330D003BN/HC 0330D005BN3HC 0330D571BH3HC 0330D571W/HC
0480D003BN/HC 0480D005BN3HC 0480D571BH3HC 0480D571W/HC
0500D003BN/HC 0500D005BN3HC 0500D571BH3HC 0500D571W/HC
0571 D003BN/HC 0571 D005BN3HC 0571 D571BH3HC 0571 D571W/HC
571D003BN/HC 571D005BN3HC 571D571BH3HC 571D571W/HC
0030R003BN3HC 0030R005BN/HC 0030R571P 0030R571W
0060R003BN3HC 0060R005BN/HC 0060R571P 0060R571W
0110R003BH3HC 0110R005BN/HC 0110R571P 0110R571W
0160R003BN3HC 0160R005BN/HC 0160R571P 0160R571W
5710R003BN3HC 5710R005BN/HC 5710R571P 5710R571W
0330R003BN3HC 0330R005BN/HC 0330R571P 0330R571W
0571 R003BN3HC 0571 R571P 0571 R571W 0850R003BN3HC
0850R005BN/HC 0850R571P 0850R571W 0950R003BN3HC
0950R005BN/HC 0950R571P 0950R571W 1300R003BH3HC
1300R005BN/HC 1300R571P 1300R571W 2600R003BN3HC
2600R005BN/HC 2600R571BN3HC 2600R571W 2600R571BN3HC

Some P/N of changed sullair air compressor elements:

LS10-40   oil-air separator filter element                  57150137-895 
LS10-twenty five/30   oil-air separator cartridge (coat)      250034-112 
LS10-25/30/40   oil-air separator cartridge (inner filter element) 250034-114
LS10-twenty five/30/40   oil-air separator filter element         57150121-500 
LS12-50/60  oil-air separator cartridge (coat)  57155710-753 
LS12-50/60  oil-air separator cartridge (interior filter factor) 57155710-754
LS12-50/60  oil-air separator cartridge (coat)   57155710-755 
LS12-50/60 oil-air separator cartridge (internal filter component) 57155710-756 
LS16-60/75/100  oil-air separator cartridge (coat)  250034-116
LS16-sixty/75/one hundred oil-air separator cartridge (interior filter component) 250042-862
LS16-100HP oil-air separator cartridge (coat)  57150060-462
LS16-100HP oil-air separator cartridge (inner filter element) 57150060-463 
LS20-100 oil-air separator cartridge (coat)  57150061-137 
LS20-100 oil-air separator cartridge (internal filter component) 57150061-138
LS20-one hundred oil-air separator cartridge (coat)  57150061-753
LS20-100 oil-air separator cartridge (inner filter aspect) 57150061-754 
LS20-a hundred twenty five/one hundred fifty oil-air separator cartridge (coat)  250034-085 
LS20-a hundred twenty five/a hundred and fifty oil-air separator cartridge (inner filter aspect) 57150048-734 
oil-air separator cartridge (interior filter aspect) 250034-087 
 oil-air separator cartridge (internal filter component) 57150061-806 
LS20S-one hundred seventy five/two hundred oil-air separator cartridge (coat)  250034-122 
LS20S-a hundred seventy five/200 oil-air separator cartridge (internal filter component) 250034-134 
LS250-three hundred oil-air separator cartridge (coat)  250034-one hundred twenty
LS250-300 oil-air separator cartridge (inner filter factor) 250034-128 
LS25S-300/350 oil-air separator cartridge (coat)  250034-124 
LS25S-three hundred/350 oil-air separator cartridge (inner filter aspect) 250034-130 
LS32S-400/500 oil-air separator cartridge (coat)  250034-319 
                         oil-air separator cartridge(inner filter component) 250034-321 
Transportable port:375H-400XH  oil separator filter element      250034-087 
Transportable port:750HH-900HH  oil separator filter aspect 250034-086
Portable port: 825RH  oil separator filter element  250034-086 
Portable port:750VH-900VH  oil separator filter element  250034-086 
Moveable port:E750-E1000  oil separator filter element  250034-086
Transportable port:  oil-air separator cartridge  250034-082 

Some P/N of changed Plasser hydraulic filter element:


8.000..923.2066 ninety.9349.11 90187ES BF8X-F00-3MY 
DFBN/HC240G10B1. DL40.60.3E DL40.60.3H DL40.60E FTG21-0007 
HY-151.187 HY-501.03.05ES HY-D501.0080.10ES HY-D501.0080.10A/ES 
HY-D501.a thousand.5ES HY-D501.225.10ES HY-D501.225.ten/400ES HY-D501.225.ten/400BAR 
HY-D501.225.25ES HY-D501.225.25H HY-D501.225.25H/ES HY-D501.250.05/ES HY-D501.32.10ES
HY-D501.32.10/DS HY-D501.32.10H HY-D501.32.10H/ES HY-D501.360.10ES HY-D501.5.10ES 
HY-D501.fifty six.10.3ES HY-D501.60.ten HY-D506.ten.30ES HY-D506.10.30HES HY-D507.a hundred and forty.10ES 
HY-D507.280.10DFG/ES HY-E507.800.03 HY-L507.1600.three HY-R501.330.10A/ES
HY-R501.330.10A/H/ES HY-R501.330.25ES HY-R508.05.01ES HY-S501.160.P10-ES 
HY-S501.160.P10H/ES HY-S501.one hundred eighty.10ES HY-S501.225.150ES
HY-S501.three hundred.P10/ES HY-S501.300.P10H/ES HY-S501.350.200ES HY-S501.360.10P/ES 
HY-S501.360.150ES HY-S501.360.150H/ES HY-S501.450 
HY-S501.460.150ES HY-S501.460.150H/ES HY-S501.560.150ES HY-S501.ninety.10ES PN40.03.002/ES 
RL750K25FR-MV2P-ES S280GS130NPT21/2′′U-O,15BAR
S550SG130N-NPT4″ 174A-3T35-BL122BLAS VK103-one F571824 CCZPT-two 160A-04-03-00 LF39670 
HY37.a hundred 75L180/260
UD332.2011A KM186F BHF4PL-080040 KDBF8M-1015LP/KAIBF6M-1013 F1112589 F1113140 
F1113138 F5714322 HY156.06H/ES

Packing particulars:

*CZPT Brand name, Neutral or Customer’s demands label 

*Neutral carton or very same as the Customer’s calls for, exporting standard carton

*All cartons need to be packed into the pallets a lot more meticulously.

*All of the productions are inspected very carefully one by 1 by QC just before shipping and delivery.

Delivery time:

We have enormous amount of stock for total pumps, kits and some pare pats, so the top time is inside 3days if have inventory. If have not, inside 15days if the quantity is less than 300pcs.  

It depends on the quantity requested.

Min. Buy:

*If the design is in common or the production are in our inventory warehouse, No MOQ for stocking manufacturing.

* Bigger amount, cost will be far more favorable.  32pcs/Pallet.

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PI1710 series Suction hydraulic filters for metallurgical industry hydraulic systems pump