Mobile Horizontal Cattle Dairy Farm Straw Silage Forage Fodder Feed Hydraulic Baler

Mobile Horizontal Cattle Dairy Farm Straw Silage Forage Fodder Feed Hydraulic Baler

Mobile Horizontal Cattle Dairy Farm Straw Silage Forage Fodder Feed CZPT Baler

one. Specifications of CZPT Baler:

Product: LY-5T
Bale Measurement 28*38*70cm (CZPT Approved)
Discharging Port Measurement .38*.23meter
Feeding Port Dimensions .6*.55meter
Bale Bodyweight fifty-60Kg/Bag
Creation Capability 120Bags/Hour
Production of Green Feed 7Tons/Hour
Motor Energy/Diesel Engine 15Kw 22HP
Machine Size: 4*two.75*2.75 Meters
Equipment Excess weight 2.5Tons
Oil Cylinder 2Pcs 160Model
Feeding Hopper Peak 1.2 Meters

2. Descriptions of CZPT Baler:
(1).Making Crushed Silage Feed into the high-density bale, which is easy for long time storage, safeguard silage feed from the second air pollution.
(two).Primary Elements of Feed baler machine are diesel engines, hydraulic systems, feed storage hopper, electrical system, and many others.
(3).Conserving Occupying area, right after filling into plastic baggage, will impact all-natural fermentation, have an effect on useful bacterium which is very good for cattle/cow/goat feeding, straightforward to digest.
(four). Saving Expense for supply, Minimize labor cost.

3. Purposes:
(1).Suited for varieties of Dairy Farm, utilized for a cattle farm, cow farm, goat farm, and so forth.
(two).Utilized for equally dry hay Feed and green feed.
(three).For prolonged time storage or for 2nd-time fermentation, all good selection of feed baler equipment.

4. Silage Feed Round Condition Baler Machine:

Motor Energy Strain for Green Silage Strain for Dry Silage Baler Size Baler Weight Generation
seven.five/five.5Kw+.55Kw 70-80Kg thirty-40Kg Φ550*520mm 35-85Kg 45-65Baler/Hour

Programs of Computerized Ensilage Feed Baler Machine:
The Device broadly utilized for varieties of silage feed-in Dairy farms. It could function with the Green Silage Feed or Dry Silage Feed.
Suited for resources like rice straw, corn stalks, wheat straw, grass, dry hay, and many others. first of all require to crushing these kinds of agriculture waste or biomass waste into small-sized silage feed.
Driving motor for Automated Ensilage Feed Baler Device:  Operating with Diesen Engine or CZPT Motor Electrical power.

Positive aspects of Automatic Ensilage Feed Baler Equipment:
(1). Bailing Types of Silage Feed into Baler which is simple for long time storage, guards silage feed from CZPT, rains, and so on.
Storage 2-3 years even you put baler silage feed in the open air.
(two). Enhanced the quality of silage feed, protect them from secondary pollution. 
(three). It also helps make very good for next-time fermentation,  Enhancing the silage feed diet benefit.
(four). No much more losing, in the course of delivery from diverse farms, there is no 2nd-time pollution and no much more throwing away.
(five). Occupying modest area, and make positive your animal’s silage feed even for the duration of wintertime or severe climate.

Other Related Equipment for Dairy Farm:
(one). TMR Mixer—-Mixing Reducing Crushing Corn Stalks/Rice Straw/Baled Dry Hay/Grass into 5-10cm Feed Immediately. Employed for Cow/Cattle/Goat Farm.

(2). Silage Cutter—-Reducing Grass/Corn Stalks/Rice Straw/Dry Hay into Chops Cutter, Mostly employed for Cow/Cattle Farm.

(3). Silage Crusher—-Crushing Grass/Corn Stalks/Rice straw, and other agriculture squander into tiny parts. Generally utilized for Goat Farm.


Mobile Horizontal Cattle Dairy Farm Straw Silage Forage Fodder Feed Hydraulic Baler