Mine Mineral Used Rubber Lined Pump with Heavy Duty

Mine Mineral Used Rubber Lined Pump with Heavy Duty

Mine mineral utilized rubber lined pump with heavy duty

Quick description for slurry pump

1. Extremely dress in-resistant with rubber liner or substantial chrome liner

2. Can be utilized in sequence

3. Can transfer substantial density slurry

four. With 3 varieties of seal: gland seal, mechanical seal, expeller seal

Technological Specificaiton for slurry pump 

Size 2/1.5B-AHR
Circulation Fee up to 60m three/h
Head 3-43m
Components Large chrome liner Cr27, Cr28 and rubber liner, R26, R24, R55
Sealing Method Packing seal, vice-impeller seal and mechanical seal

Features for slurry pump

one. Our pump wet parts are created of put on-resistant substantial chromium alloy.

two. Our Pump bearing assembly use cylindrical construction, modifying the place among impeller and front liner          
    easily. They can be eliminated fully when becoming repaired. Bearing assembly use grease lubrication.

three. The shaft seal could use the packing seal, expeller seal and mechanical seal for all slurry pump.

four. The discharge branch can be positioned at intervals of 45 levels by request and oriented to any 8

     positions to go well with installations and apps at its operating web site.

five. There are the generate kinds, these kinds of as V belt push, gear reducer travel, fluid coupling drive, and frequency

     conversion push units.

6. Wide functionality, good NPSH and high efficiency. The slurry pump can be put in in multistage series to

     meet the delivery for long distance.

Positive aspects for slurry pump

one. Simple for upkeep: Cantilevered, horizontal, centrifugal, single stage 

two. Widely application: Made for handling abrasive, higher density slurries in the metallurgical, mining,

   coal, energy, building material and other industrial departments.

three. Lengthy bearing life: The bearing assembly is with big diameter shaft and short overhang.

four. Use resistant wet elements: can make stress molded rubber liner. Completely interchangeable with metallic soaked


five. Simple adjustment of impeller: An impeller adjustment mechanism is presented beneath the bearing housing.

6. Expeller seal , mechanical seal and packing seal are offered to meed your various needs.

Software for slurry pump

They are extensively utilized in industry of mining, electrical electrical power, metallurgy, coal, environmental, and many others for transportation

of abrasive strong slurry.Mud pump, impurity pump, dredge pump and desilting pump are all belong to group of slurry pump.

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Mine Mineral Used Rubber Lined Pump with Heavy Duty