KCB33.3 Gear Oil Pump

KCB33.3 Gear Oil Pump

KCB sequence gear oil pump is applicable to transport lubricating oil or other liquids houses equivalent to lubricants that not made up of strong particles and fiber, noncorrosive, no a lot more than eighty º C, viscosity five x 10-6 ~ 1.5 x ten-3m2 / s (5-1500cSt).

Framework Attributes
This series equipment pump is composed of gear, shaft, pump body, aid valve, axial stop seal. Gear is warmth handled and have substantial strength and rigidity, jointly with the shaft mounted in the replaceable sleeves. Pump components are totally lubricated by output medium.

Pump within has affordable again oil slot, make the gear function beneath minimum torque power, bearing load small, put on significantly less, pump with high performance.
Pump has aid valve as overloading protecting, the whole reflux stress of safety valve is one.5 moments the pump discharge stress, also can be modified in accordance to the true need to have. But notice that this relief valve are not able to be employed as pressure minimizing valve for a extended time, when needed can be independently mounted in piping.

Searching from the shaft overhanging stop, the pump rotaes clockwise.

In oil technique used for transportation, strain boosting
In the gas oil system utilized for conveying, pressurization, jet fuel pump,
In hydraulic transmission techniques used for providing hydraulic electrical power,
In all industrial regions, can be used as lubrication oil pump.


Product Capability Pace r/min Discharge Stress




η %

Motor Kw
m 3 /h L/min Power Product
KCB-eighteen.3 1.1 18.3 1400 1.45 five 44 one.5 Y90L-4
KCB-33.3 two 33.3 1420 1.45 5 forty four two.2 Y100L1-four
2CY-2/one.forty five
KCB-55 3.three fifty five 1400 .33 7 41 1.five Y90L-four
KCB-eighty three.three five 83.3 1420 .33 7 forty three 2.two Y100L1-4
KCB-a hundred thirty five 8 a hundred thirty five 940 .33 five 46 2.two Y112M-6
KCB-two hundred 12 200 1440 .33 5 forty six four Y112M-4
KCB-300 18 three hundred 960 .36 5 42 5.five Y132M2-6
KCB-483.3 29 483.three 1440 .36 five.5 42 eleven Y160M-four
KCB-633 38 633 970 .28 6 forty three eleven Y160L-six
KCB-960 fifty eight 960 1470 .28 6.five 43 eighteen.five Y180M-four
2CY-fifty eight/.28
KCB-1200 72 1200 740 .6 seven 43 37 Y280S-8
KCB-1600 ninety five 1600 980 forty five Y280S-six
KCB-1800 112 1800 740 .six seven.5 43 55 Y315S-8
KCB-2500 a hundred and fifty 2500 985 75 Y315S-6
KCB-2850 one hundred seventy 2850 740 .6 eight forty four ninety Y315L1-eight
KCB-3800 230 3800 989 a hundred and ten Y315L1-6
KCB-4100 245 4100 743 .six eight 44 132 Y355M1-8
KCB-5400 325 5400 989 a hundred and sixty Y355M1-6
KCB-5600 330 5600 744 .six eight 44 160 Y355M2-8
KCB-7600 460 7600 989 two hundred Y355M3-six
KCB-7000 420 7000 744 .six eight forty four 185 Y355L1-eight
KCB-9600 570 9600 989 250 Y355L2-six

KCB33.3 Gear Oil Pump