Ink Coating High Viscosity Small Flow Gear Metering Pump

Ink   Coating High Viscosity Small Flow Gear Metering Pump

Ink/coating large viscosity small flow equipment metering pump

A.[Item Description]

   The style utilizes higher regular exterior spur gears enclosed inside of a close tolerance housing assembly. This supplies you the exact quantity of fluid dispensed per shaft revolution. The housing is built from precision ground and lapped three-plate assembly. This assembly is aligned with dowels to allow near management of working clearances. This construction method in mix with a number of proprietary interior characteristics is what assures exact, pulseless, and reliable circulation beneath various process circumstances. When HangCZPT Instrument pumps are coupled with a pre-packaged, built-in, shut-loop speed manage and a compact motor driver assembly (AC or DC), HangCZPT Instrument is in a position to offer the most exact and flexible metering gear pump technique on the market.  






Complete Peak Base Top Min Inlet Strain Max Output Pressure Precision Temperature
GWMP-.15 .15 eighty three <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC


.3 85 30.two <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC
GWMP-.6 .6 85 32 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC
GWMP-1.2 one.2 90 34 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC
GWMP-2.four two.4 a hundred 42 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC
GWMP-3.six three.6 105 50 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC
GWMP-6 6 130 forty one <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC
GWMP-9 nine 135 46 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC
GWMP-twelve 12 one hundred forty fifty one <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC
GWMP-fifteen fifteen 145 56 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC
GWMP-20 20 a hundred and fifty sixty four <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC
GWMP-30 30 165 80 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC
GWMP-40 forty ninety 215 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC
GWMP-fifty fifty ninety seven 215 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC
GWMP-sixty sixty 104.5 230 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC
GWMP-75 75 112 230 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC
GWMP-eighty eighty CZPT CZPT <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC
GWMP-a hundred twenty five a hundred twenty five CZPT


<0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC

Be aware: Route of rotation: clockwise from the axis of rotation 


Product 6CC 9CC 12CC 15CC 20CC 25CC 30CC
A 130 135 one hundred forty a hundred forty five one hundred fifty 158 a hundred sixty five
B forty one 46 fifty one fifty six sixty four 72 80


  Min Inlet Pressure   <0.2Mpa
  Operating Pace   5~200 R/min
  Medium   Fluid
  Temperature   200ºC
  Max Outlet Force   <30Mpa
  Stream Capacity   6-thirty(+/-thirty)CC/R
  Sealing   Combined seal


Model .15CC .3CC .6CC one.2CC 2.4CC three.2CC 3.6CC
A 83 85 85 90 100 103 105
B 28.1 30.two 32 34 forty two 47.six 50


  Min Inlet Strain   <0.2Mpa
  Operating Pace   five~200 R/min
  Medium   Fluid
  Temperature   200ºC
  Max Outlet Force   <30Mpa
  Flow Capability   .fifteen-three.6(+/-3%)cc/r
  Sealing   Combined 


D.[Company Information]

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  • We have about 30 a long time of expertise in Manufacture
  • Our products have been exported to a lot more a hundred nations and area
  • ISO, SGS, CE and far more certificates for your reference
  • Patent technological innovation and a lot more than three several years doing work life


Ink   Coating High Viscosity Small Flow Gear Metering Pump