Hydraulic System Wood Branch Shaving Machine for Animal Bedding

Hydraulic System Wood Branch Shaving Machine for Animal Bedding

                CZPT method wooden department shaving machine for animal bedding
CZPT wooden shaving machines for producing 10cm up to 45cm diameter wood raw supplies into substantial good quality wooden shavings. It can be also called hydraulic wood shaver/wood shaving equipment.
It is a expert machinery which is widely used in farm factory, wooden pallet block making machine, machine-produced board producing manufacturing facility, furnishings manufacturing manufacturing unit, and so on.

1.Progress technologies, foundation on Turkey approach engineering, do some improvement on its style, in steady of welding link, we use correct punching and embed strategy which keep away from loosing with the machine when its running
2.High quality spare element, for the blade, you have HSS and KS55 choice, for the bearing, it is FAG which can be use a lengthy time and quite resilient.
3.CZPT Transmission, stable performance and lower sound
four.Widely use, our equipment can produce little volume and mild wooden shavings which can be utilized in paper mill, transportation filler and animal bedding etc.
 Application scope
1.As biological fuel.
2.Can create wooden shavings at one time.
3.As fillings for fragile issues in delivery fields.
4.As animals bedding fillings for horse, cow, sheep, chicken, pig, or other animals. 
5.As uncooked materias employed in shaving board plant, sawdust board, board mill, MDF and wood pulp paper in paper-producing industry for manufacture processing.
six.The thickness of wood shavings can be altered, and the wooden shavings products ia the exact same as synthetic wooden shavings.

Complex parameters

Hopper length(cm) a hundred forty five
Input substance Dia.(cm) forty five
Slicing head(set) 4
Blade(set) six
RPM(r/min) 4500
Enter materials size (cm) 142
Electrical power(kw) eighteen.five+eighteen.five+.37+5.5=42.87kw
Shaving depth(mm) 1-5
Hopper route(mm) 2200
Feeding speed (hydraulic)(m/min) six-15
Dimensions(L*W*H)(cm) 515*115*a hundred and eighty
bodyweight(kg) 2850


a hundred forty five Thickness
1mm 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm
.10 m/sec 427kg 654kg 880kg 1107kg one.334kg
.15 m/sec 540kg 880kg 1.221kg 1.561kg one.901kg
.20 m/sec 654kg 1107kg one.561kg two.014kg two.468kg
.twenty five m/sec 767kg 1.334kg one.901kg 2.468kg 3.035kg


Diverse factors

Output shavings

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Hydraulic System Wood Branch Shaving Machine for Animal Bedding