Hydraulic Lifting Tilting Homogenizing Mixing Machine for Vacuum Emulsification

Hydraulic Lifting Tilting Homogenizing Mixing Machine for Vacuum Emulsification


Vacuum Emulsifying Equipment is appropriate for the production of cosmetic cream, pores and skin product, eye product, hair conditioner, hair dye cream, ointment, emulsification and ointment, which need to have to be emulsified and stirred beneath the vacuum situation. Our vacuum emulsifying Machine is a customizable gear, which can be moderately configured according to the customer’s specific requirements. 


With the assist of exact processing technologies, and large cooperation amongst rotor and stator, substantial-velocity rotation of effective motor brings about vacuum between rotor and stator, and components are inhaled from the top of rotor and stator to the hole in in between. The powerful kinetic vitality makes the rotor make very higher linear velocity, which can make the substance fly out following strong influence, crushing, centrifugal extrusion, liquid layer friction and strong shearing amongst the hole of rotor and stator, and generate sturdy turbulence beneath the action of various forces in distinct instructions. The secure emulsion was produced by depolymerization, dispersion, homogenization, refinement and shearing of the material with a specific sum of emulsifier.

Other Features:

  • The emulsification process of the main pot is carried out under the situation of entire sealing, which prevents the pollution of dust and microorganism.
  • The content in the drinking water pot and oil pot are added to the primary pot by indicates of vacuum feeding. The primary pot can be heated or cooled.
  • The substance in the pot can be emulsified by high-velocity internal circulation shear of homogenizer and can be blended clockwise or counterclockwise. Clockwise mixing is frame scraping wall mixing and counterclockwise mixing is slurry mixing.
  • The scraper agitator has centrifugal impact throughout procedure, creating the PTFE scraper cling to the wall of the pot, which can successfully remedy the dilemma of substance staining on the wall of the pot and no dead angle.
  • The frequency conversion velocity regulating unit can alter the speed steplessly.
  • Homogeneous mixing and paddle mixing can be employed separately or at the exact same time.
  • Substance dispersion, homogenization, emulsification and mixing can be completed in a short time.
  • Homogeneous emulsification technologies CZPTly from Germany is specifically made for refined and homogeneous products. The vacuum emulsifying mixer can be outfitted with wall scraping sort or ribbon variety and other types of agitation, so as to effortlessly handle resources with viscosity of 1-300000 CPS.
  • Real time measurement and management components can easily control the temperature, force, pH worth and other parameters.
  • The principal components are created of worldwide popular brands which are wonderful materials.
  • The construction of Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer is short and sensible with simple procedure.
  • The layout and technologies of vacuum emulsifier are strictly fulfilled with GMP specifications.
  • Vacuum emulsifying mixers are the best equipment for making product, lotion, ointment and suppository.



The examples earlier mentioned only worries everyday necessicities and cosmetics. In simple fact, the applications of this device is extensive sufficient to shock you. 
The chart under is for your reference.


Wonderful chemical compounds plastics, fillers, adhesives, resins, silicone oils, sealants, pastes, floor energetic brokers, carbon black, defoamers, brighteners, leather-based additives, coagulants, etc.
Petrochemical market hefty oil emulsification, diesel emulsification, lubricants, and so forth.
Everyday substances washing powder, concentrated washing powder, liquid detergent, different cosmetics, pores and skin treatment items, and many others.
Paint and ink latex paint, interior and exterior wall paint, drinking water-dependent oily paint, nano paint, paint additives, printing ink, printing ink, textile dyes, pigments, and many others.
Biomedicine sugar coating, injections, antibiotics, protein dispersions, medicated creams, health products, and so on.
Pesticides and fertilizers pesticides, herbicides, medicated emulsifiable concentrates, pesticide additives, fertilizers, and so on.
Foodstuff market chocolate shell, fruit pulp, mustard, slag cake, salad dressing, soft drinks, mango juice, tomato pulp, sugar resolution, foods taste, additives, and many others.
Nano components nano calcium carbonate, nano coatings, a variety of nano material additives, and many others.
Highway asphalt ordinary asphalt, modified asphalt, emulsified asphalt, modified emulsified asphalt, and so on.

The knowledge sheet under is for 500L kind. If you want the specific info of other quantity options, you should send us an inquiry, we will incorporate a far more extensive and specific data sheet inside of the quotation for your reference. Shipping date and payment phrases will also be inside of.


Producer Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Equipment Manufacturing facility
PN 500L vacuum emulsifying equipment
Capability Design and style volume: 600L, functioning potential:500L
Tank Go over Liquid(particle)inlet, sunk materials inlet, air inlet with filter, examine mild and sight glass, vacuum port, force meter(one to
-.one bar), strain clamp
Blending tank Substance Interior layer: SUS316L thickness: 6mm
CZPT layer: SUS304 thickness: 6mm
Outside layer: SUS304 thickness:5mm
configuration Bottom materials outlet, size: 1.5″
Temperature sensor (-199ºC)
CZPTal heating: 8kw or Steam heating( demands steam generator)
Mixing technique Homogenizer 1. Mechanical seal: German Burgmann Technique
2. Electricity: 7.5kw/380/50Hz RPM: –3400R/Min
Wall scraper and Body Agitator Body Agitator Content: SUS316L, Wall Scrapper content: PTFE
one. Energy: one.5 kw/380V/50Hz RPM:~63r/min (Frequency convertor handle)
Security: one. Throughout the the mixing approach, the go over can not be opened.
             2. When the include becoming lifted, the blender can not rotate.
Vacuum system 1. Vacuum pump: water recycle, electricity 1.5kw/380V/50Hz
2. Pressure sensor (Below vacuum situation, the hydraulic cover can not be opened)
Heating strategy CZPTal heating or Steam heating( depends on your productivity and producing method, we will provide suggestion)
Strain Force in the blending tank when operating: -.090 Mpa Jacket working stress:.two Mpa
Manage box SUS304 , 2mm thickness
Dimension 382* 285* 255 mm
  Stainless metal shelf, system and guardrail
Spare elements 1 calendar year CZPT and resources
Assure One calendar year
Employing life More than 15 years

At present we have three varieties of design as your choices:

You can notify us the type you favor when sending the quotation.

one. Can this equipment be CZPT?

Yes, this machine can be CZPT.

2. I am plHangCZPT to established up a new manufacturing facility but I will not have any relavant exprience, how can you aid me?

Based on the information you provide and your particular specifications, our salesmen will recommend the most appropriate device or the whole manufacturing line to you.

three. I never know how to put in and function the equipment, how can you assist me?

We would offer guidelines of the machine. The water treatment machine is completely set up when becoming despatched, so you don’t need to have to fear the installation and our engineers will instruct you in functioning the device via movie call or subject coaching.

4. How extended is the generation time period of a equipment? 

Generally it will take 10-14 days to make a vacuum mixing machine. Sometimes we have equipment in inventory. 

5. If I want to verify the equipment manufacturing progress, can you provide such services?

Indeed, we can. We will use or to video clip contact to you and demonstrate you the generation development. If you are not convinient for any movie phone, we can shoot some films or get some pictures for you. If you can be here to examine it yourself, it will definitely be the ideal way.

six. I don’t have any import expertise, can you help me with the customs and transportation? 

Sure, we can. Getting been making and exporting machines for twenty many years, we cooperate with tons of forwarders and delivery companys. We can offer the best sulotion to you.


Hydraulic Lifting Tilting Homogenizing Mixing Machine for Vacuum Emulsification