High Power BMS-100 Oms100 Orbit Hydraulic Motor for Forestry Equipment

High Power BMS-100 Oms100 Orbit Hydraulic Motor for Forestry Equipment

Electricity BMS-a hundred Oms100 Orbit CZPT Motor for Forestry CZPT

OMS sequence motor adapt the innovative Geroler equipment set layout with disc distribution circulation and high pressure&period of time The unit can be supplied the individual variant in working multifunction in accordance with
Prerequisite of apps&period of time

Attribute featutres&colon
&ast Advanced production gadgets for the Geroler equipment set&comma which use reduced force of begin-up&comma provide sleek and reputable procedure and large effectiveness&interval
&ast The output shaft adapts in tapered roller bearings that allow higher axial and radial forces&interval The circumstance can delivers capacities of high pressure and substantial torque in the wide of programs&period of time
&ast Sophisticated style in disc distrbution stream&comma which can routinely compensate in operating with high quantity performance and extended life&comma offer easy and dependable procedure&period

CZPT OMS series higher torque orbital hydraulic motors&interval
Key data&colon
one&rpar Displacement variety 80 to 375 cc
2&rpar Speed up to 988rpm&solmin
three&rpar Torque up to 751N&solm
four&rpar Output up to 23&period5kW
five&rpar Stress fall up to 22&period5MPa &lpar225bar&rpar
six&rpar Stream up to ninety l&solmin
7&rparMax&interval Inlet strain up to 30MPa &lpar300bar&rpar
8&rpar Pilot diameter Ø 82&period5 &lsqb3&period25 in&rbrack &sol Ø one hundred and one&period6 &sol Ø a hundred twenty five
nine&rpar Mounting flange two&sol4&sol6 holes
ten&rpar Output shaft Ø 22mm &sol Ø 25mm &sol Ø twenty five&period4mm &sol Ø 31&period75mm &sol Ø 34&period85mm &sol Ø 35mm
eleven&rpar Port connection G1&sol2&lsqb4× M8&comma G1&sol4&rbrack &sol&sol M22× 1&period5&lsqb4× M8&comma M14× 1&period5&rbrack &sol&sol 7&sol8-14&lsqb4× 5&sol16-18UNC&comma seven&sol16-20UNF&rbrack &sol&sol one&sol2-14NPTF manifold 2-three&sol8-16UNC&comma seven&sol16-20UNF

&ast Substantial energy density
&ast High effiency
&ast Large constant top quality
&ast Trustworthy

The CZPT OMS sequence motors are employed in the adhering to application regions&colon
1&rpar CZPT products
2&rpar Agricultural products
3&rpar Materials dealing with & CZPTing equipment
four&rpar Forestry equipment
five&rpar Lawn and turf products
6&rpar CZPT goal
seven&rpar Device resources and stationary gear
8&rpar Maritime tools
nine&rpar And more

WHY US&colon
one&period of time We are top profesional company of CZPT motor in ZheCZPT CZPT&period Our products have been exported to a lot more than 50 nations around the world like Africa&comma CZPT East&comma South The usa and Asia&interval
2&period We are not only create standard types&comma but also produce new models according to your layout&period
3&interval Skilled provider team and aggressive value will give you a perfect getting expertise&period of time

1&time period Guarantee for one particular year or a thousand several hours &lparaccording to whichever ends first&rpar from the purchasing date on&interval
two&period of time During the promise period&comma our business will provide the simple-ruined CZPT for problems
Brought on by our high quality of production or uncooked materials&time period Pls provide the faulty look and related invoice quantity&time period
three&period Sorry for you need to responsible for the freight occur-and-go&comma and the custom made tax&period of time
4&period of time Soon after expiration&comma our business can offers expense spare-areas servicing for engines&interval
5&time period To save the expense&comma you can choose ship the motor again without packing&time period
six&time period My pricey good friend&comma your email messages can be get within one particular enterprise day&time period If you do not acquire our reply&comma remember to kindly re-sent your e-mail or give us a call any time&interval

If you have any questions or other hydraulics informations what I can do for you&time period Remember to speak to me immediately or go to our web site&period The very best services you will get shortly&excl &colon &rpar

Primary Specification

Type  OMS
a hundred
one hundred sixty
two hundred
&lparcm3&solrev&time period&rpar
eighty&period6 100&period8 125 157&period2 two hundred
252 314&period5  370
Max&periodspeed &lparrpm&rpar cont&time period 800 748 600 470 375 300 240 two hundred
int&period of time 988 900 720 560 450 360 280 240
Max&time period Torque
cont&period of time 190 240 310 316 400 450 560 536
int&period of time 240 300 370 430 466 540 658 645
peak 260 320 four hundred 472 650 690 740 751
Max&periodoutput &lparkW&rpar cont&interval fifteen&period9 18&period8 19&period5 fifteen&period6 15&period7 14&period1 14&period1 11&period8
int&period of time twenty&period1 23&period5 23&period2 21&period2 18&period3 seventeen&period0 eighteen&period9 17
Max&time period strain
drop &lparMPa&rpar
cont&interval seventeen&period5 seventeen&period5 17&period5 fifteen fourteen 12&period5 twelve 10
int&time period 21 21 21 21 16 sixteen fourteen twelve
peak 22&period5 22&period5 22&period5 22&period5 22&period5 20 18&period5 14
Max&periodflow &lparL&solmin&rpar cont&period sixty five 75 seventy five 75 seventy five seventy five 75 75
int&time period eighty ninety 90 90 90 ninety 90 ninety
Max&period of time inlet
pressure &lparMPa&rpar
cont&period 25 twenty five 25 25 twenty five 25 25 25
int&period thirty 30 thirty 30 thirty thirty 30 30
Net Weight  &lparkg&rpar 9&period8 ten 10&period3 10&period7 eleven&period1 11&period6 12&period3 twelve&period6

Amy chen
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Fax&colon &plus86-769-851580786

Thanks FOR YOUR Looking through&comma AND HOPE YOU HAVE A Good Day&period &lpar n&period N &rpar &ast&ast

High Power BMS-100 Oms100 Orbit Hydraulic Motor for Forestry Equipment