Heat Exchanger Radiator Cooler Air Oil Cooling Hydraulic System

Heat Exchanger Radiator Cooler Air Oil Cooling Hydraulic System

Heat Exchanger Radiator Cooler Air Oil Cooling CZPT System Compressor

Air warmth exchanger is a variety of heat exchanger that is employed to awesome or warmth forcibly flowing air with water, glycol remedy, steam or warmth conduction oil as the medium. It is thoroughly applied in hot air heating, drying, cooling, dehumidifying and other functions in this sort of industries as light-weight business, constructing, chemical engineering, machinery, textile, printing & dyeing, CZPTs, foods, starch, medicine, metallurgy and portray. Different models of warmth exchanger must be chosen according to the real working conditions.

Innovative steel-aluminum composite technological innovation is adopted in rolling-type air warmth exchanger which is featured by compact combination, tiny thermal resistance, strong heat transfer efficiency, tiny stream decline, very good anti-corrosive performance, distant possibility for distortion below long-time period chilly/sizzling working conditions, and lengthy service existence, and so forth.

Resources: Carbon steel-aluminum rolled sheet, stainless metal-aluminum rolled sheet and metal tube-aluminum rolled sheet.

Coiling-variety air heat exchanger features compact structure, aesthetic appearance, easy installation, handy management and prolonged service daily life. It is relevant to centralized air-supply heating, local heating or other functions.

Components: Carbon metal coiled sheet and stainless metal coiled sheet.

Sophisticated mechanical growth tube and arc corrugation sheet with double flanged aluminum-finned sheets are adopted in plate-fin air warmth exchanger. Mechanical expansion tube tends to make copper tube arrive into near make contact with with aluminum-finned sheet arc corrugation can market turbulent movement of fluid, destruct boundary layer of air, and raise warmth transfer coefficient.

Advanced structural kind as well as moderately-made drinking water travel, tube move and spacing between sheets provide the pursuing functions of the warmth exchanger: excellent heat transfer efficiency, little air resistance, compact composition and mild excess weight, and so on.

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Heat Exchanger Radiator Cooler Air Oil Cooling Hydraulic System