Great Loads Vehical High Speed High Pressure Hydraulic Motor Omsy80cc Bmsy-80 Series

Great Loads Vehical High Speed High Pressure Hydraulic Motor Omsy80cc  Bmsy-80 Series

                               CZPT Orbital CZPT Motor OMSY collection



Lower strain start off
Strengthened shaft seal
Large startup torque and capacity to face up to significant again pressures
The potential totransferaxial and radial masses

Compact volume and effortless set up.

OMT Max torque (N.m) Speed Assortment (rpm) Max stress (MPA) Max circulation (L/min)  Max.power         (Kw)
OMT-160 435 50-560 twenty a hundred 27.7
OMT-two hundred 546 50-565 20 a hundred twenty five 34.9
OMT-250 680 40-450 twenty a hundred twenty five 34.5
OMT-315 900 forty-340 twenty 125 34.9
OMT-four hundred 1571 thirty-265 18 a hundred twenty five 31.2
OMT-500 1180 twenty five-210 sixteen 125 28.eight
OMT-630 1270 twenty-167 fourteen one hundred twenty five 25.three


                       Numerous displacement, Multiple flanges, a number of shaft kinds for choose.

Order information:

                                  OMSY series Orbital CZPT Motor
Displacement 80cc,100cc,125cc,160cc,200cc,250cc,315cc,400cc,475cc
Flange:  E2: 2-Ø13.5 Rhomb-flange Ø106.4,pilot Ø82.5×6.3
 E4: four-Ø13.5 Rhomb-flange Ø106.four,pilot Ø82.5×6.three
 F6: six-Ø13.5 Rhomb-flange Ø106.four,pilot Ø82.5×2.6
 W: four-Ø13.five Wheel-flange Ø160 ,pilot Ø125×8
 E2B: 2-Ø14.3 Rhomb-flange Ø146.05,pilot Ø101.6×9.four
 SP: 4-Ø11.five Sq.-flange Ø106.4,pilot Ø82.5×6.3
 D: four-Ø11 Circle-flange Ø125 ,pilot Ø100×6
 E: 4-Ø13.five Square-flange Ø127 ,pilot Ø101.6×6.three
Output Shaft:  A: Shaft Ø25 , parallel essential 8×7×32 
 B: Shaft Ø32 , parallel essential 10×8×45
 D:Shaft Ø25.four , parallel key6.35×6.35×25.4
 G: Shaft Ø31.75 ,parallel essential seven.96×7.96×31.seventy five
 F: Shaft Ø31.seventy five ,splined tooth fourteen-DP12/24
 FD: Extended Shaft Ø31.75 ,splined tooth fourteen-DP12/24
 SL: shaft Ø34.85,Splined essential six-34.85×28.14×8.sixty four
 T1: Cone-shaft Ø35 ,parallel key B6×6×20
 T3: Cone-shaftØ31.75 ,parallel essential seven.96×7.96×31.75
 S1: Shaft Ø25.four ,splined tooth SAE 6B
 I: Sub-shaft Ø22,splined tooth thirteen-DP16/32
Port and drain port:  D: G1/2 Manifold Mount two-M10 , G1/4
 M: M22×1.five Manifold Mount 2-M10 , M14×1.5
 S: seven/8-14UNF O-ring manifold two-3/8-sixteen , 7/16-20UNF
 P: 1/two-14NPTF manifold two-3/8-16UNC , 7/16-20UNF

Software Scope:

Any need to have for high torque, minimal velocity apps. 
* Sprinkler                              * Mini excavator
* Driven scraper conveyor     * Screw
* Baler                                    * CZPT Winch
* Fishing boat                        * Plastic injection mildew equipment
* Cleaner,                                   * Grass cutter
* Winches                              * Conveyors
* Slews                                   * Sweeper Drives         
* Augers Cutters                    * Mowers
* Chippers                              * Drilling equipment
-Municipal equipment, agriculture, forestry and design products and so forth…

CZPT hydraulic motor can substitue for: 
CZPT-Danfoss orbit motor  DH,DS, OML/ OMM/ OMP/ OMR/ OMH/ OMER/ OMS/ OMT/ OMV collection.
Eaton Char Lynn orbit motor  J (129-),H(one hundred and one-),S(103-),T(158-),2000(104-),4000,6000,ten thousand collection.
Bosch CZPT orbit motor: MGX/ MGP,GXP/ MGR,GMR/ MGS,GMS / MGT,GMT/ MGV,GMV sequence
CZPT orbit motor  OMP/TC/TB/TE/TH/TF/TL/TG/OMS/OMT sequence.
White orbit motor  WP/WG/WR/RS/DR/RE/CE/HB/WS/D9 series.
Brevini orbit Motor  BGM/ BG/ BR/ HPR/ HT Sequence
SAM orbit motor  BG/BR/BS/AR/HR/HT
Japen OPN ORB-GS Series

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Great Loads Vehical High Speed High Pressure Hydraulic Motor Omsy80cc  Bmsy-80 Series