Fire Fighting Equipment Water Turbine Driven Fire Pump

Fire Fighting Equipment Water Turbine Driven Fire Pump

Pump Introduction:
Higher functionality rotary equipment pump is a lower speed, high head and can match for all varieties of foam concentrate, it is suggested by NFPA expectations as foam concentrate pump.

The Feature:
  1.Driver can be diesel motor, motor and h2o turbine.
  2.The device is suit for protein, fluoro-protein, aqueous movie-forming or any foam concentrate.
  three.Foam focus can be refilled when utilizing, specially employed for large-range foam hearth safety venture.
  four.The ratio of foam focus is correct due to the fact of the equilibrium valve’s dynamic adjusting.
  5.Below the pressure assortment of .6-one.6MPa, the stream variety can achieve seventy five-363000LPM
  6.Operation is effortless and can make it automation.
  7.When water turbine is selected, BPPH is with no electricity source, automation and intrinsic security.

The Software
It can be utilised in center or huge foam programs, these kinds of as petroleum & chemistry industry, harbors & wharves, oil depots, airfields & garages, sea platform and so on.

The Configuration:
one. pump: XB sequence rotary gear pump
2. driver: diesel motor, motor, drinking water turbine
three. proportioner: PHZB, PICZPTP(UL shown)
three. rotation speed: 1000r/min,1200r/min,1500r/min, 1800r/min, 2400r/min, 3000r/min.
4. equipment: filter muter, cooling method, gasoline tank, seat, heat-exhaust drinking water tank, storage battery, and charger. 
five. control cupboard: microcomputer, PLC, sensors, computerized control cabinet..

Balanced force proportioning program specialized paraments

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Fire Fighting Equipment Water Turbine Driven Fire Pump