Factory Made Hydraulic Drillng Machine Downhole Mud Motor

Factory Made Hydraulic Drillng Machine Downhole Mud Motor

Downhole Motor for Directional Drilling

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Specialized Parameter

Spec. Advisable Hole Measurement Input Circulation Fee Force Decline Little bit Speed  Doing work Torque Delay Dynamic Torque Output Electrical power Drilling Weight Max Drilling Bodyweight Joint Thread Length
Unit mm         In L/S Mpa r/min N.m N.m KW KN KN In In mm
5LZ57×7. 83-121 31/4-43/4 one.5-3.5 three.two 185-430 200 350 four.3-10.one five 10 eleven/2REG 11/2REG 2822
5LZ73×7. eighty three-121 31/4-43/4 2-4 3.2 80-a hundred and sixty 615 1077 5.eight-11.5 twelve twenty five 23/8REG 23/8REG 3423
9LZ89×7. 105-143 forty one/eight-55/8 three-eight three.2 147-392 504 882 eight.64-23 20 30 27/8REG 27/8REG 2911
5LZ95×7. 114-a hundred and fifty forty one/8-57/8 five-twelve three.two 140-320 710 1240 ten.5-twenty five 21 40 27/8REG 27/8REG 3920
5LZ120×7. 152-200 six-seventy seven/8 8-sixteen three.two 80-one hundred eighty 1850 3200 23-forty seven 64 106 31/2REG 31/2REG 5039
5LZ165×7.0V 245-244 eighty one/8-95/8 18-thirty three.2 111-167 4440 7770 57.6-86.4 80 a hundred and sixty forty one/2REG 41/2REG 7408
5LZ165.5×7.0V 215-244 eighty one/eight-ninety five/eight eighteen-thirty four. a hundred and twenty-a hundred and eighty 5135 8987 72-108 ninety one hundred eighty 41/2REG forty one/2REG 7748
5LZ172×7.0V 215-244 81/eight-ninety five/8 eighteen-thirty four. one hundred twenty-a hundred and eighty 5135 8987 seventy two-108 90 a hundred and eighty forty one/2REG forty one/2REG 7391
5LZ172.5×7.0V 215-244 81/eight-ninety five/eight twenty-35 four. 115-one hundred eighty 6452 11299 86.four-151.two a hundred two hundred 41/2REG 41/2REG 8031
7LZ172.5×7.0V 215-244 eighty one/8-ninety five/eight 20-35 four. seventy five-180 6527 11420 fifty nine.five-108.six 80 160 41/2REG 41/2REG 8631
5LZ185×7. 215-244 81/8-95/8 20-35 four. 184 5436 8154 eighty-one hundred forty a hundred and twenty 240 forty one/2REG 61/2REG 8120
5LZ185.5×7. 215-244 81/eight-ninety five/eight twenty-35 four. 173 5939 8908 80-one hundred forty one hundred twenty 240 41/2REG 61/2REG 8120
5LZ197×7. 244-311 ninety one/eight-125/8 20-forty 3.2 61-122 14118 14118 fifty seven.six-one hundred fifteen.two one hundred twenty 240 fifty one/2REG sixty five/8REG 7998
5LZ197.5×7. 244-311 ninety five/8-121/4 twenty-forty 4. 85-a hundred and sixty 12640 12640 72-144 a hundred thirty 260 fifty one/2REG 65/8REG 8598
7LZ203×7. 244-311 ninety five/8-121/four twenty-forty 3.2 70-one hundred fifty five 12289 12289 fifty seven.six-126.7 150 240 51/2REG sixty five/8REG 7798
5LZ203.5×7. 244-311 95/8-121/four 20-40 four. 70-one hundred fifty five 8778 15362 72-158.four one hundred seventy 260 51/2REG 65/8REG 8598
5LZ216×7. 273-323 103/four-123/4 22-forty eight 3.two sixty one-138 8895 15567 63.36-138.29 190 three hundred 65/8REG sixty five/8REG 7756
5LZ216.5×7. 273-323 103/4-123/4 22-48 4. sixty one-138 11117 19455 79.two-172.8 238 378 65/8REG 65/8REG 8546
5LZ244×7. 311-445 121/two-171/2 fifty-seventy five three.two 91-136 15124 26468 144-216 two hundred 360 65/8REG 75/8REG 8635
7LZ244.5×7. 311-445 121/two-171/2 50-seventy five four. 91-136 18905 33085 180-270 250 450 65/8REG 75/8REG 9235


Downhole motor

Down-hole motor is a positive-displacement motor. It converts higher fluid electrical power into mechanical strength of bit rotation. Down-hole motor is broadly used for drilling, deflecting, azimuth control, coring, reaming, side monitoring drilling and workover for horizontal nicely, cluster wells and straight properly of oilfields and coal mines. In addition, it is ideal for intricate drilling

CZPTtek supplies a variety of dimensions of down-hole motors for hole measurements from 1 7/8″ to 26″. Popular dimensions are 1 11/sixteen”, 2 7/eight”, 3 1/eight”, 3 1/two”, 3 3/four”, 4″, 4 3/4″, 5″, 5 5/16″,5 seven/8″, 6 1/4″, 6 1/two”, 6 3/four”, 7 1/4″, 7 3/4″, 8″,eight one/4″, 8 1/two”, nine”, 9 5/8″ and eleven 1/4″.
CZPTtek is capable to offer down-hole motors of specific measurement, substantial-velocity, medium-speed and lower-pace, in accordance to customer’s requirements

Downhole Motor Operating Basic principle

Downhole motor is a kind of downhole dynamic drilling instrument on the electrical power of drilling mud. Mud stream from the outlet of mud pump flows by way of a by-go valve into the motor. This stream makes force reduction at both inlet and outlet of the pump, to push the rotor into rotating, and to transmit the torque and pace on to the little bit. The downhole motor residence mainly is dependent upon its home parameters.

 Constitution of Downhole Motor 

Downhole motor is composed of 5 assemblies of bearing, power section, coupling, anti-drop and bypass valve.




Characteristics of Higher Movement Rate Down-hole Motor Attributes of Uniform Wall Thickness Down- gap Motor
The adoption of hollow rotor cooperating with difficult alloy jet nozzle of distinct measurements increases enter stream rate and proppant carrying ability. This down-gap motor can successfully resolve the problem of uneven thickness of motor’s rubber. Its qualities are as follows: higher strain enduring for solitary grade, large output electricity, wide selection of high efficiency, etc.
Functions of Bent Angle Adjustable Down-hole Motor Features of Near Little bit Down-gap Motor
The bend angle of down-hole motor can be altered on wellhead. Stabilizers of distinct designs and measurements can be altered in accordance to various requirements. Measure position of measuring instrument is set up in downhole motor, which is nearer to drilling little bit. Drill keep track of is much more precise and trustworthy.
Features of Standard Down-hole Motor Functions of Saturated Saltwater Mud Resistant Down-gap Motor
Regular electrical power part the transmission shaft is lubricated by drilling fluid obtainable in vertical, single-bend and double-bend sorts highest working temperature is 120°C. The special coating layer of rotor has stronger capability of corrosion and put on resistance, enabling down-hole motors to operate a long time in saturated saltwater mud.
Characteristics of Oil-sealed Transmission Shaft Down-gap Motor Attributes of Substantial Temperature Resistant Down-gap Motor
The working environment of thrust bearing and radial bearing is improved, and the doing work time of down-gap motor throughout one one vacation is enhanced. The stator is outfitted with exceptional good quality high temperature resistant rubber, which enables down-gap motor to complete stably for a long time beneath the hole where temperature even reaches 150°C and180°C.
Characteristics of Prolonged Down-hole Motor Characteristics of Substantial Deflection Down-gap Motor
The torque is elevated by thirty% to sixty% when compared with regular down-gap motors the transmission shaft is lubricated by drilling fluid available in vertical, one- bend and double-bend sorts greatest doing work temperature: 120°C. The exclusive structure tends to make the motor shorter, the bending level nearer to drill little bit, and higher construct-up fee.

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CZPTtek Market (ZheCZPT )Co.,Ltd.,

situated in ZheCZPT , CZPT, is an integrated corporation specialised in manufacturing and exporting leading high quality drilling tools and drilling parts for decades. We are supported and assisted by a highly seasoned staff of designers and engineers that permit us to total all the assigned initiatives efficiently as per the specified requirement from our clientele.

Our items are commonly utilised in the scope of mining, drinking water properly drilling and exploration, anchor grouting project, facet slope safety engineering, oil and gasoline engineering,underwater rock drilling & blasting operations of seaport channel, hydropower task, nationwide protection initiatives ect.

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Q: Are you CZPT maker or buying and selling business?
A: We are an built-in corporation specialized in producing and exporting.

Q: Can you provide associated drilling instruments?
A: Yes, we can supply full set of drilling equipment, this sort of as drill pipe, tricone little bit, PDC little bit, drag bit, DTH Hammer. Furthermore, we
have drilling equipments like rigs, mud pump, air compressor, etc. as properly.

Q: Which payment terms can you acknowledge?
A: Typically we desire 30% progress payment right after acquire buy by T/T, 70% remaining payment just before shipping and delivery by T/T. And 100% advance payment following buy purchase by T/T for small orders.

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A: This will count on your acquiring amount. Usually it will be all around twenty times after we get your payment.

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A: We have our skilled QC group and all the goods will be rigid inspection and screening for each and every buy before transport out.

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Factory Made Hydraulic Drillng Machine Downhole Mud Motor