Centrifugal Wear Resisting Mineral Processing Mill Discharge Slurry Pump

Centrifugal Wear Resisting Mineral Processing Mill Discharge Slurry Pump

Centrifugal Use Resisting Mineral Processing Mill Discharge Slurry Pump



Naipu® Manufacturing unit of Slurry Pump, Gravel Sand Pump , Dredging Pump and Dress in Spare Elements


Naipu Pump, a major producer and service provider that delivers best alternative slurry pump solutions for the mineral
processing and mining industries,specialises in mineral processing equipment, providing slurry pumps, as nicely as rubber,
metal put on elements and other spares. Naipu Pump not only services the global mining industry, like the quarrying and 
mineral processing sectors, but also the power sector and general industry.

In the mineral processing field, We had provided several Slurry Pump and CZPT for a lot of mining firm.


Centrifugal Wear Resisting Mineral Processing Mill Discharge Slurry Pump

Metal Liner Hefty Duty Slurry Pump AH Sort

one.5/1B-NAH 2/one.5B-NAH 3/2CN-AH three/2CC-NAH 4/3C-NAH 4/3CC-NAH 4/3D-NAH four/3DD-NAH 6/4D-NAH six/4DD-NAH six/4E-NAH 6/4EE-NAH eight/6E-NAH eight/6EE-NAH 8/6F-NAH eight/6FF-NAH 8/6R-NAH 10/8ST-NAH ten/8F-NAH ten/8FF-NAH twelve/10ST-NAH twelve/10G-NAH twelve/10F-NAH 12/10FF-NAH fourteen/12ST-NAH 14/12G-NAH fourteen/12FF-NAH 14/12F-NAH 16/14TU-NAH 20/18TV-NAH

Rubber Liner Large Obligation Slurry Pump AH TYPE 

one.five/1B-NAHR 2/one.5B-NAHR 3/2C-NAHR three/2CC-NAHR four/3C-NAHR four/3CC-NAHR four/3D-NAHR 4/3DD-NAHR 6/4D-NAHR 6/4DD-NAHR 6/4E-NAHR 6/4EE-NAHR 8/6E-NAHR 8/6EE-NAHR 8/6F-NAHR eight/6FF-NAHR eight/6R-NAHR ten/8F-NAHR 10/8X-NAHR 12/10ST-NAHR 14/12ST-NAHR sixteen/14TU-NAHR



Variety Allowable Mating Max. Electrical power(Kw) Distinct Drinking water Performance Impeller
Potential/Q m³/hr Head/m Pace/rpm Max Performance/% NPSH/m Nos of Vane Impeller Diameter/mm
one.5X1-NP-NAH fifteen 12.six–28.8 6–sixty eight 1200–3800 40 two–four 5 152
2X1.five-NP-NAH fifteen 32.4–72 6–fifty eight 1200–3200 45 3.five–eight 5 184
3X2-NP-NAH thirty 39.6–86.4 twelve–64 1300–2700 55 4–six 5 214
4X3-NP-NAH thirty 86.4–198 9–52 one thousand–2200 71 four–six 5 245
6X4-NP-NAH sixty 162–360 twelve–56 800–1550 65 5–eight five 365
8X6-NP-NAH  300 360–828 ten–sixty one 500–1140 72 2–nine five 510
10X8-NP-NAH  560 612–1368 eleven–61 four hundred–850 seventy one four–10 five 686
12X10-NP-NAH 560 936–1980 seven–sixty eight three hundred–800 82 6 5 762
14X12-NP-NAH 560 1260–2772 13–sixty three three hundred–600 77 three–ten 5 965
16X14-NP-NAH 1200 1368–3060 11–sixty three 250–550 seventy nine four–ten 5 1067
20X18-NP-NAH 1200 2520–5400 13–fifty seven 200–four hundred eighty five five–ten 5  1370


Type ZJR, ZJM, ZJH Pump are cantilevered, horizontal, centrifugal slurry pump. They are made for the handing substantial density slurries in the metallurgical, mining , coal, power, developing materials and other industrial office and many others.
The body plates liner and impeller for type ZJR , ZJ(M) pumps have replaceable wear-resistant metallic liners or rubber liners.
The shaft seals for type ZJ(R),ZJM, and ZJH Pump may be adoptable of gland seal , expeller seal or Mechanical seal . The discharge department can be positioned at intervals of forty five levels by ask for and oriented to any 8 positions to suit installations and applications.
Bearing assembly use cylindrical framework, which helps alter the area among impeller and go over plate liner easily, and being taken out completely when getting repaired. Bearings use grease lubrication. Listed here are the push sorts, this kind of as V belt travel, gear reducer push, fluid coupling generate, and frequency conversion drive devices. Broad functionality, very good NPSH and large effectiveness, the pump of this variety might be put in in multistage collection to meet the supply for long distance.

NaiPu Principal Pump Product

1. NAH, M, L Horizontal Slurry Pump
2. SP Vertical Sump Pump
3. ZJQ Submersible Slurry Pump
4. G Horizontal Gravel Sand Pump
5. ZJQ Submersible sand pump
6. WS Dredging pump
7. AF, AHE Froth Pump
eight. TL(R) Desulphurization Pump
nine. Thoroughly clean Water Pump
10. OEM Casting equipment components

The Main pump model of NAH HH M L SP AF G Series 

NAH sequence L(R) ,M HH SP(R) G AF Collection
1.5/1B-AH(R) 20A-L 1.five/one C-HH 40PV-SP(R) 6/4D-G 2QV-AF
two/1.5B-AH(R) 50B-L(R) three/2nd-HH 65QV-SP(R) 8/6E-G 3QV-AF
three/2C-AH(R) 75C-L four/3E-HH 100RV-SP(R) 10/8F-G 6SV-AF
four/3C-AH(R) one hundred D-L 4/3X-HH 150SV-SP(R) ten/8S-G 8SV-AF
six/4D-AH(R) 150E-L six/4F-HH 200SV-SP 12/10G-G 2AHF
six/4E-AH(R) 300S-L 6/4X-HH 250TV-SP fourteen/12G-G 3AHF
eight/6E-AH(R) ten/eight R-M 6S-H   fourteen/12T-G 4AHF
8/6R-AH(R) 10/eight E-M eight/6S-H   16/fourteen G-G 6AHF
10/8F-AH(R) twelve/10F-M 8/6X-H   16/14TU-GH  
ten/8X-AH(R)   6S-HP   sixteen/14H-GH  
twelve/10ST-AH(R)   eight/6S-HP   eighteen/16G-G  
fourteen/12ST-AH(R)   8/6X-HP   eighteen/16 TU-GH  


Slurry Pump Spare Parts

Pump Framework

Primary Spare Elements

Impeller, Volute Liner, Casing, ThroatBush, Frame Plate Liner Insert, Protect Plate, Body Plate, Pump Liner Expeller, Expeller Ring,
Stuffing Box, Expeller, Pump Shaft, shaft sleeve, Shaft Spacer, Bearing Assembly, Base, Stuffing Box, Gland Assembly, Bearing Housing,
Lantern Ring, pump discharge pipe, flange, and so on. 

OEM Provider

Naipu Pump is capable to approach whatever pump elements and use components customers require. The growing development technology
of reverse engineering has additional enabled the company to contra-derive the shape of a sample provided by clientele and, with the aid
of the newest 3D imaging technology to scan the pump elements, Naipu Pump can get accurate drawings (dependent on aluminum,
iron and wooden model designs) to make certain that the firm’s substitute elements suit a hundred% on to customers’ pumps.
Naipu Pump  understands the method and requires of the mining industry and can offer comprehensive 
services tailored to customers’ requirements.

The materials can be large chrome alloy Cr27% , Stainless metal, Alloy ,   Hastelloy and and so on.


The parts are commonly utilized in Major Apps: Large Mining Mixture Good Chemical Slurry Support Secondary Grinding Foodstuff Cracking Functions Dealing with Transport Substantial Velocity CZPT TransportationMeals Explosive Sludge In Steel Smelting Hefty Refuse Elimination Larger Particle Or Low NPSHA Purposes Ongoing (Snore) Sump Pump Procedure Abrasive Slurries Higher Large Sump Drainage Clean Ground Cooper Steel Palm Electrical power FGD Blending CZPT City Sewage and many others.


We has very own foundry workshop, Machining workshop, and Assembly workshop . As a result, Naipu Pump is able to ensure that clientele help save on charges.

Welcome to check out our manufacturing unit


1. What Merchandise does naipu pump largely generate? 

Naipu mostly Generate Slurry Pump, Gravel sand Pump, Dredging Pump, Centrifugal drinking water pump and Spare Elements. Not only Pump areas, but also others dress in casting areas if there is drawing or sample. 

two. Is Naipu immediate factory or trader? 

Naipu very own mould manufacturing facility, foundry workshop, Machining Workshop, and Assembly workshop. Welcome to pay a visit to Naipu factory at any time. 

three. The Min MQQ

The MQQ is 1 PCS CZPT. 

four. What information is required for rates? 

If you want the CZPT, we need to know the elements Code and materials. 

If you require the total pump established, we want to know the utilization? The flow, head, and SG, Corrosive or not? The more specifics the greater. 

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Centrifugal Wear Resisting Mineral Processing Mill Discharge Slurry Pump