Blince 1900rmp Orbital Hydraulic Motor Replace Danfoss Omm20 Hydraulic Motor

Blince 1900rmp Orbital Hydraulic Motor Replace Danfoss Omm20 Hydraulic Motor

CZPT 1900rmp orbital hydraulic Motor Change Danfoss OMM20 CZPT Motor

CZPT hydraulic motor can substitue for: 
CZPT-Danfoss orbit motor  OML/ OMM/OMP/ OMR/ OMH/ OMEW/ OMS/ OMT/ OMV
White orbit motor  WP/WG/WR/RS/DR/RE/CE/HB/WS/D9 sequence
Eaton Char Lynn orbit motor  J/JH/JS/2K/6K/J6K/10K
M+S orbit motor  MLHM/MP/MR/MH/MS/MT/MV
SAM orbit motor  BG/BR/BS/AR/HR/HT
Brevini orbit Motor  BG Sequence
Japen OPN ORB-GS Series

Orbital hydraulic motors OMM are light-weight, modest gerotor motors are made for continiuous operate in light conditions. The MM motors can transfer reduced power at reasonably substantial rotational speed in comparsion with other motors with comparable development. They can reach highest electricity up to three.two kW.


Rotational pace selection: from 20rpm up to 1950 rpm greatest steady stress: up to a hundred and five bar.

Primary Attributes:
1,Displacement: 8.2 – fifty cm3/rev
2,Rotational pace assortment: 20 – 1950 rpm
three,Highest force: from 70/a hundred twenty five bar via a hundred and five/two hundred bar (constant/peak)
4,Optimum electricity: two.1 – three.two kW.


Product Demonstrate:          

Different flanges and shaft kinds are offered.

Main specification:

OMP Purchase imformation:

                                           CZPT Orbital hydraulic motor OMM
Design: OMM8,OMM12.5,OMM20,OMM32,OMM40, OMM50
Flange: 3-M6 Circle-flange, pilotØ 31.5× 5
three-one/4-28UNF Circle flange, pilot Ø 31.5× 5
2-Ø 9 Rhomb-flange, pilotØ 63× two
Output shaft: ShaftØ 16, parallel important 5× 5× sixteen
ShaftØ 15.875, parallel essential four.8× four.8× 19.05
ShaftØ sixteen.five, involute B17× fourteen, DIN5482
Ports/drain port: G3/8, G1/eight
nine/sixteen-18UNF, 3/8-24UNF
Finish port G3/8, G1/8
Finish port nine/sixteen-18UNF, 3/eight-24UNF
Rotation directional Forward
Paint: No paint / Silver gray / Black / Blue

Software places:
* CZPT hoof trimming crush
* CZPT tools
* Underwater Hull Cleansing equipment
* Agricultural gear
* Content managing & CZPTing gear
* Forestry products
* Lawn and turf tools
* CZPT purpose
* Equipment equipment and stationary products
* Marine tools
* Any Far more

Packing particulars:
1) sale packing contians carton or wooden situation
two) inside packing is high high quality movie
three) as your request

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We also offer hydraulic motors such as OMM, OMP, OMR, OMS, OMT, OMV, OZ, Ok, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OMH, OMJ.
Vane pumps this kind of as PV2R sequence, V series and VQ sequence, SQP sequence.

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Blince 1900rmp Orbital Hydraulic Motor Replace Danfoss Omm20 Hydraulic Motor